NSA Image Competitions

Image competitions are a long-time tradition of the annual NSA conventions. Receiving an award and recognition at NSA has been considered a highly regarded achievement that adds stature to an artist's resume.

There are four categories of image competitions at 3D-Con 2023:

Modern and Vintage Stereo View Competitions

Stereo views have captivated people for over 150 years. This competition features two categories - Vintage stereo view format (more than 50 years old) and Modern Stereoview format (views photographed by the entrant).

Modern card example

Vintage card example

2023 Tex Treadwell Award

Vanessa Grein and David Kuntz "Steampunk Menagerie"

2023 Vintage Stereo View Winners

1st Place - Linda Nygren "HH Bennett - Among the Winnebago and Sioux Indians"

2nd Place - Michael McEachern "California Indians"

3rd Place - Nancy Nehring "Toiyabe National Forest Aerial Views"

HM - Linda Nygren "European Royalty: A Selection of Views"

2023 Modern Stereo View Winners

1st Place - Vanessa Grein & David Kuntz "Steampunk Menagerie"

2nd Place - Colleen Woolpert "Virus Romance"

3rd Place - Vanessa Grein and David Kuntz "Symphony in Glass and Light"

HM - Diego Ruiz "Travels of a Landscape Painter"

HM - Mary Friargiu "Modern Diableries - The Seven Deadly Sins"

SSA Stereo Card Showcase

Attention all 3D photographers:

You are invited to contribute to a non-competitive exhibition of original stereo cards at 3D-Con this year. All submitted cards will be displayed in the 3D-Con Art Gallery where convention attendees will be able to view and enjoy them.

3D Digital Image Showcase

You are invited to enter the 2023 3D Digital Image Showcase competition. All entries will be shown in the 3D Theater at the convention. Each entrant can submit up to FOUR digital images. We will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards for the best overall portfolio (photographer) AND individual images.

There is no cost/fee to enter.

2023 Best Image Winners

1st Place - Johann Gruber-Veit "Mittagesruhe"

2nd Place - John Bueche "Beauty and the Beast"

3rd Place - David Kuntz "Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague"

2023 Cumulative Score Winners

1st Place - John Bueche

2nd Place - Johann Gruber-Veit

3rd Place - David Kuntz

On-Site Digital Image Competition

The NSA On-Site Image Competition has been a Convention tradition for many years, and is always a popular presentation during the Sunday 3D Theater. The goal is to gather stereo photos taken by 3D-Con attendees during the course of the Convention, highlighting the people and places that make the 3D-Con great. Each registered NSA Convention attendee may enter images of their own making in the 2023 NSA 3D-Con On-Site Image Competition. We plan to have a room set aside in the 3D-Con hotel with a few computers loaded with software (StereoPhoto Maker) where you can download, align, crop and transfer your digital files.

2023 On-Site Digital Image Competition Winners

1st Place - George Themelis "Military Park at Night"

2nd Place - Linda Nygren "Butterfly"

3rd Place - Linda Nygren "Japanese Garden Buffalo 2"

HM - Barry Rothstein "Night Shot"

HM - Barry Rothstein "Wind and Rain Drenched"