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3D Digital Image Showcase Entry Rules

  1. Each entrant may submit up to FOUR images. Images should be the artist's original work, and may be photographs or computer generated imagery. Only images which have NOT been entered in a previous 3D Digital Image Showcases are permitted. No sexually explicit images will be accepted. Images which incorporate other people's work will not be accepted.
  2. Images should be formatted as parallel, side-by-side pairs. Any aspect ratio and pixel dimensions are acceptable; the images will be judged with projectors and/or TVs having a minimum resolution of 1920x1080. Do NOT include titles in the image area. Do NOT include borders. Make sure images have NOT been squeezed to half-width or half-height.
  3. Please use the following filename convention for your images:
    • Image number (1 through 4)-Last Name-First Name-Image Title
    • For example: 1-Kuntz-David-This is the title.JPG
    • Spaces, rather than underscores should be used between words in the image title.
  4. Submit your images via . Each e-mail can include attachments up to a total of 25 MB in size. Please try to size your entries so that they can fit in a single e-mail.
  5. Please make sure the e-mail address you use to submit your images is the one you would like us to use if we need to contact you.
  6. Submission deadline is July 7, 2023 at 11:59 PM (Midnight) US Central Time.
  7. There is no fee to enter.

We look forward to seeing your images. If you have any questions, please .

Martin Schub
2023 Digital Image Showcase Chairman

Conditions of Entry:
By submitting images, individuals agree to allow NSA and our sponsor (if applicable) to reproduce contest images in Stereo World and/or the sponsoring website. This form will be updated should sponsorship become available.