3D Theater

Live-Narration Slideshow Proposal Form

Deadline for submissions: June 26 2023 (final version show submissions ABSOLUTE LATEST by July 10, 2023)

Presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.

All programs will be reviewed for appropriate length and content. This will be a curated theater. Due to time constraints, not all submitted material may be shown. Only current NSA members are eligible for awards.


  • You MUST be present at the conference and at the session. The 3D Theater Team will not provide narration.
  • You must provide a set of still images and a copy of intended narrative
  • Show must be less than 15 minutes. You will have control of advancing slides. Rehearsing is encouraged.

Images should be in any format supported by StereoPhoto Maker. Please indicate format above. It is recommended that images be resized so that maximum dimension fits an HD frame (e.g., either width= 1920, height=1080, or both). Borders are not required.

Naming Convention
Image files must be named as follows Lastname_Subject_01.jpg, Lastname_Subject_02.jpg, etc. where Subject is a one or two word description of the slideshow. No special characters other than dash and underscore should be included. All images should have same name with exception of last two numeric digits to indicate order.

Example: Shackleton_Antarctica_01.jpg, : Shackleton_Antarctica_02.jpg, : Shackleton_Antarctica_03.jpg, etc

Narrative Text Format
A copy of the intended narration must be included in the submission as either a text, Word, or PDF file. The contents should merely be the Author and Show title followed by paragraphs numbered with the slide number. This is just to insure that images are properly ordered for the presentation. Again, it will be the Author, not the 3D Theater Team that will be narrating the program. Rehearsing is strongly encouraged.

Images and narrative text should be archived as a single file using as a .zip, .rar, or similar archive format.

Technical Information

  • Projection will be via two Optoma EH501 5000 lumen DLP projectors with circular polarizers in sRGB mode.
  • Native Resolution is 1920x1080. Screen size is 16’x9’.
  • Programs will be shown using StereoPhoto Maker. Presenter will have control of advancing slides.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact .
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Please be aware that conditions may change with COVID-19. Attendees are encouraged to check the COVID-19 Guidelines page for updates.