Virtual 3D-Con 2021 — August 12-15

Welcome to 3D-Con 2021

Once again this year, we are excited to go Virtual with 3D-Con 2021! The event will be held August 12-15 2021, and will feature most elements from past physical events, but in your own home!

The conference will utilize Zoom for most question-and-answer type events, and YouTube for visual events. Some YouTube events will be streamed in anaglyph with a separate stream for side-by-side.

Most workshops and theater shows will be recorded so you will be able to watch at your convenience, in your time zone.

What is the 3D-Con?

The National Stereoscopic Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1974, whose goals are to promote the study, collection and use of stereo photography. It has over 1,000 members. 3D-Con is traditionally the name of the NSA's annual convention, held somewhere different every year in the summertime.

What happens at a convention?

The convention has programming for the collector as well as the photographer. Among the highlights are the trade show, the stereo theater, workshops, tours, and Special Interest Meetings meetings. In addition, we hold slide and print contests and showings of stereo (3D) photography.

Convention Archives:
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2019 Akron, OH
2018 Cleveland, OH
2017 Irvine, CA
2016 Tulsa, OK
2015 Salt Lake City, UT
2014 Murfreesboro, TN
2013 Traverse City, MI
2012 Costa Mesa, CA
2011 Loveland, CO
2010 Huron, OH
2009 Mesa, AZ
2008 Grand Rapids, MI