New Concept for NSA, Going Virtual

We are excited to go virtual with 3d con2020. Please submit your proposals for workshops and stereo theater to the appropriate people (see the tabs on the left). The dates of this event will be around the same dates as previously scheduled, the times will be announced along with the platforms we will be using as soon as we have a final schedule. All the workshops and theater shows will be recorded so you will be able to watch at your convenience. Some segments that require questions and responses will have a specific time. Please be patient with us as we discover the best ways to make this new endeavor work for all of us. Please watch for more information and keep making great images to share.

Dear NSA Members,

It is with my deepest regret that I need to inform you we have had to cancel our annual convention scheduled for August 11 through 17, 2020 in Tacoma, WA. Your NSA Board of Directors and Officers are in agreement that the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic will have a considerable impact on the ability of our membership to safely travel and assemble by mid-August. In fact, several organizations have cancelled events scheduled well into October. The NSA Board of Directors appreciates this decision impacts everyone who intended to make Tacoma part of their summer 2020 plans and thanks you for your understanding.

I would like to recognize Phyllis Maslin and the Tacoma Convention Team for the tremendous amount of effort they put forth to bring the NSA to Washington. Phyllis graciously volunteered to Chair 3D-Con when we had no other locations available for consideration. When chairing a convention, there is a great deal of negotiation, scheduling, planning and re-planning when obstacles arise. Thank you to the Tacoma team for their willingness to plan for and host 3D-Con 2020.

Cancelling 3D-Con 2020 was a difficult yet necessary decision for your NSA Board of Directors and Officers. The cancellation of the physical convention provides us with an opportunity to explore other ways to share information and engage our membership. We are actively exploring how the NSA can take advantage of current technologies to present many components of 3D-Con and other information of interest to our members virtually.

We are committed to moving forward and planning to present convention events and activities like Workshops and 3D Theater using a range of available video conferencing tools. I’m sure many of you have used these or similar formats for work and social events while we have been asked to practice social distancing. If you are unfamiliar with these platforms, we will do our best to provide easy to follow instructions on our website. We are exploring a range of possible formats (i.e. Zoom, GoToMeeting, YouTube, etc.) and will keep you informed as we move forward. Our goal is to make Competitions, our Awards Ceremony and other convention related programs available live as our familiarity and use of these technologies allows. Currently, we plan to release these events at scheduled times, with links available on our website so our membership can enjoy the content at their leisure. To start this process, we plan to spread the content out over the next year. Our initial target is to begin to offer a few programs online every other month or so. The quantity of content will depend on demand, availability of programs and our ability to adapt to current technologies.

We also plan to offer several programs during the originally scheduled week of convention and are exploring which programs to offer, and how to best make them available to our members.

This is obviously a significant new venture for us at NSA. We will attempt to make the process as easy for our members to access as possible. That said, the process of planning and producing this new digital content will likely take several months. We seek your technological input and advice, and ask for your understanding as we proceed. We will do our best to provide quality programs that carry on the spirit of our convention. Watch for updates in Stereo World, at, at and on other social media sites.

As we navigate our way through these trying times, I hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy.

John Bueche
NSA President

****** 2020 3D-Con Alert ******

If you have already made hotel reservations, please contact Hotel Murano directly to cancel your reservation. Contact information is available on the Hotel & Airport page.

Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you soon!


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