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On-Site Image Competition Entry Rules

  1. Images must have been taken between July 30, 2022 and August 6, 2022.
  2. Images must be acquired from locations within the general vicinity of the Convention Hotel or during one of the Convention Excursions.
  3. All images must be the original and sole work of the entrant.
  4. Each individual may enter no more than four (4) digital images.
  5. All entries must be submitted to the Convention On-Site Image Competition Committee chairs (John Bueche or Paul Gauche) at a designated location by 11:00 AM Saturday, August 6, 2022. Check at the Convention Registration desk for posted updates.
  6. Images must be accompanied by a completed official 2022 On-Site Image Competition Entry Form, which will be available at the 3D-Con Registration desk, or downloadable from the 3D-Con web site.

Digital File Specifications:

Only electronic images will be accepted. Each entrant may submit up to four (4) 3D images, each image being in one parallel side-by-side (SBS) view JPEG file that is no more than 1080 pixels tall and no more than 3840 (2Ɨ1920) pixels wide.

(Please note: You do not need to add a solid border to bring the images to exactly 3840Ɨ1080 in size.)

Non-stereoscopic images will not be accepted. Please be sure images are saved in parallel, side- by-side, view with the right image on the right side and the left image on the left side. Non- stereo images and images formatted for cross-eyed viewing (pseudo-stereo images) will be judged as they are.

Maximum file size of each SBS image pair should not exceed 3.0 MB.

File Names: Image file names must be in the following format in order to help us identify, organize, and judge the entries, and present the entries in the 3D Theater.

Please name each image as follows, with underscores separating the fields:

Lastname_Firstname_Image Title_n.jpg

Substitute the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 for ā€œnā€ at the end of the file name to indicate the judging group in which you would like each of your four images to be judged. Spaces and dashes may be used in the image title portion of the file name, but no special characters such as additional underscores, commas, brackets, periods, quotation marks, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this format, please contact one of the two Chairmen, John Bueche and Paul Gauche. Their contact information will be at the Convention Registration desk.