Virtual Reality

Digital stereoscopes are now a reality, and they're called Virtual Reality headsets!

To see events when they happen in AltSpace, log in to AltSpace and Subscribe to our Channel. Then visit then in Altspace with an Oculus Quest, Steam or Window Mixed Reality headset.

Please refer to our Altspace Guide for instructions.

We now have an AltSpace room for 3D-Con 2022! (CODE: EAX971)

Visit the NSA Convention world now (CODE: CIK262)

Visit NSA Convention world 2 (CODE: UHA784)

Visit NSA21 VR Depot (CODE: LED353) A collection of VR180 stills that attendees have submitted

VR Artist Links

AltSpace Worlds

Stereoscopic Hub (CODE: RQE790) Links to other interesting stereoscopic worlds

Colchester Sensory Garden(CODE: JOQ634) Photogrammetry and immersive photography from instructor Mark Jeffcock

Jim’s Binocular Vision Fun House(CODE: GZR439) Keystone eye test cards etc

2-PINK(CODE: KTP394) Steven Slater’s amazing stereoscopic vases and other creations

Dancing Avatars(CODE: CIK262) From Altspace’s resident 3D geniuses Chap-For-Green and Mr Pete

Stereoscopic Gallery Workshop(CODE: DYX627) Demonstrates material from the Creating Stereoscopic Galleries in VR workshop

Phun with Phantograms (wip)(CODE: YPA682) A wacky sandbox world with some phantograms best viewed from above.

Orbix Galleries

Orbix360 is a user-friendly website that allows anyone to create interactive galleries and tours from traditional stereo 3D images or VR180/360 content.
View in 3D through the menu on righthand side, click VR goggle button or anaglyph glasses button to change the view.

William Turner

Big VR180 solid fractals

Flame Fractal Gallery 1

Flame Fractal Gallery 2

View all of Turner’s Orbix360 experiences

Greg Perez

Greg Perez Orbix gallery - VR180 images from across the USA

David Comeau

Pennsylvania Halloween Every year, David and his family decorate this suburban Pennsylvania yard with spooky decor. This interactive tour allows you to move through the yard, and combines mono 360 images with stereo 3D.


Go here to see options for viewing YouTube VR links on your device.
On Oculus Quest, use the YouTube VR app from link above.

Greg Warmbrodt

The 3D Time Traveler (Greg Warmbrodt) channel on YouTube

Fascinating video about VR180 images extracted from 19th century stereocards images of a reflective sphere

Paul Marcano

(Video not in 3D) A selection of Worlds from VR artist3d extraordinaire and stereo fractal aficionado Paul Marcano


VR180 virtual tour of the 3D SPACE museum


This popular 3D (as in 3D model) web viewer allows all content to be viewed in VR. Simply click the "Enter VR mode" when viewing the page in a VR browser. To exit, squeeze both triggers and find the tiny menu that appears.

Franklin Londin

Click to view this is mind-boggling virtual representation of an actual 3D-viewing art piece made by Londin for a past 3D-Con. The Medusa model also contains some images in universal and anaglyph formats that one would see looking into Medusa's 3D viewers. Step closer and have a look. You may see some people who are at this year's virtual conference!

VR/AR Educational Resources

"VR with Andrew", one of many great VR tutorial YouTube channels

"Brackeys" - YouTube channel with extensive Unity tutorials

Classes in Unity and VR development that take place within Virtual Reality

Coding and Design for Virtual Reality

National Stereoscopic Association VR SIG

We'd like to continue to explore Virtual Reality with stereo enthusiasts, invite people to virtual sharing of 3D content, etc.

Please join our Discord server to discuss and help evolve 3D in VR, and be in the loop on upcoming 3D VR events.