47th Annual Convention
Virtual 3D-Con 2021 — August 12-15

Trade Fair

Welcome to the virtual Trade Fair, a 3D shopping mall and knowledge center that’s open during the entire convention. Visit our web links, take advantage of convention-only discounts, and contact us with your questions or specific needs that may not be listed below. Please also visit the Trade Fair in Gather.town, where you’ll find more detailed vendor info. You might also catch us "live" in Gather.town and during the Happy Hours on Thursday Aug. 12th and Sunday Aug. 15th (6:30pm PST)

3D by DrT

I have been buying/selling/trading 3D products and supplies since 1994. I serve mostly the active stereo photographer (film and digital), but also the 3D collector. Some of my products include: Z-bars and remotes for twin cameras (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic), RBT mounts, LED bulbs, 3D Literature and collectibles. I also repair vintage cameras and sell 3D items on commission.

10% off during 3D-Con. For discount, contact me directly.


Contact: 440-666-4006

Barry Rothstein / 3dDigitalPhoto.com

Books & note cards showcasing photographic phantograms.

50% off the following books during 3D Con (use Promo Code: NSA2021):

  • Macrophant 3D (new!) – $20 w/ discount
  • Phantograms from Nature – $15 w/ discount
  • Pop-Up 3D – $10 w/ discount


Contact: 562-400-5055

Berezin Stereo Photography Products

We supply new products for viewing and taking stereo images. We are still making stereoscopes for traditional Holmes Cards. We make and sell a variety of mirrored viewers for viewing prints plus slide viewers for the traditional Realist products. Nice selection of books and view-master products too.

Show Special: Pocket 3Dvu (as pictured). Regularly $29.95, Special $24.95!!! Through August 15th, 2021!



Contact: 949-215-1556

Carl Mautz (Carl Mautz Publishing)

I've been dealing old photos for 50 years. I'm a charter member of the National Steroscopic Society and the compiler of the Biographies of Western Photographers, the 767 page book covering photographers working in the American and Canadian West from the beginning to around WWI. I have hundreds of stereoviews, not currently online, so please contact me to inquire.


Contact: 530-478-1610

Colleen Woolpert's TwinScope

Stereograph fans! I make the TwinScope Viewer for stereograph display (+ handheld viewing or in books/on screens) and TwinScope Viewer SLIM, a wearable lorgnette w/ reduced price. I also make contemporary stereographs and high-quality vintage reproductions; teach workshops; produce stereograph exhibitions; and more.

15% off anything on my website during 3D-Con. For discount, contact me directly.



Contact: 315-412-5890

Dragons Treasure

I have been making jewelry since I was a teenager, more years ago than I care to remember. Taking stereo pictures is one of my favorite hobbies, so of course I make jewelry of some of the items in my collection in solid sterling silver.

20% off during 3-D Con.


Contact: 559-266-9295

Eye See Magic

Do you remember stereograms from the 90s?! As a lover of all things 3D and with a background in graphic design, Jassimine Dixon designs greeting cards with the nostalgic art of stereograms/autostereograms.

20% off cards during 3D-Con. For discount, use the code 3DCON in Etsy’s checkout.



Contact: 503-298-6859

George Polakoff / Old West

We offer vintage Historical American Photography, including original 19th Century photographs of the famous and infamous, as well as vintage Native American antiques including beadwork and vintage quillwork. Check out our eBay store “Old West 1873 History Gallery” and website (direct link to our eBay stereoviews below)

10% off during 3D-Con. For discount, contact me directly. PayPal accepted.



Contact: 847-738-4321

Kúla 3D

We make 3D lenses / mirror systems for phones and DSLR cameras and software for processing stereoscopic imagery.

40% off during 3D-Con! Use discount code: kula3dcon


Contact: +354 6995271

Dr. Brian May's
London Stereoscopic Company, LTD.

Fine arts book publisher of contemporary and Victorian stereoscopic images. Producer of the high quality patent OWL stereoscope collapsible viewer available in full and compact size and for easy VR use with any smart phone to download/create your own 3-D content.

Show Special: 20% off any product! Use discount code: nsacon21 (while supplies last)



Martin Simon—3-D Illusions

Cinera dual 2.5k stereo viewer, Freevi 3-D tablet, books, lenticulars, holograms, dinosaurs, treasures old and new.

3D For Sale


Michael Brown Optical Art, Inc.

Michael Brown photographs and prints his own 3D lenticulars. Michael controls the entire process: photographing, interlacing, printing, hand aligning the lenticular screen, and bonding the print to the lens sheet.

Significant discount during 3D-Con. Use coupon code: NSA2021. Selling and shipping to the United States only.


Contact: 224-436-3739

Oczko Stereo

Hi, my name is Dominik Oczkowski. Earlier this year I started a Kickstarter campaign to fund MINUTA STEREO - A Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera, to come with a viewer (www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028240821/minuta-stereo). Thanks again to my supporters! I am happy to chat with anyone about the evolution of the project.

Pre-orders: oczko-stereo.myshopify.com

Contact: +49 172 80 21 509