47th Annual Convention
Virtual 3D-Con 2021 — August 12-15

Stereo Art Gallery

What would an NSA 3D-Con be without the Art Gallery? Sad and a little less colourful. So, here is our answer to the virtual challenge - Welcome to the NSA Virtual 3D-Con Art Gallery! Here you will find submissions by over 30 stereo photographers and 3d clubs for your viewing pleasure. As with our in-person gallery at previous NSA 3D-Cons, the content is diverse and eclectic, and I am sure that you will enjoy browsing all the sites and hopefully you will find something that inspires your own 3D creativity.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their websites and through them, their work. All being well, we will be able to meet in person again very soon and I look forward to being able to help 3D artists present their work to the world.

Keep well, stay safe, and don't stop making 3D imagery.

J. Claire Dean
Chair, NSA 3D Art Gallery

Dr. Guenter Pomaska

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was a UK TV series in the seventies. The hero in the story is Captain Scarlet from the Spectrum organisation. Tabletop stereos using collectables reconstruct some episodes. Close up shootings were taken with a webcam, operated by home brewed software with a Raspberry Pi.


Brent Shelest

Stereo Sweets contains triple flare involved art. Triple flare uses the basics of the two image stereogram approach. But the triple flare uses two eyes instead of two images. Similar setups, and the triple flare allows for a new form of communication to happen. Fun and easy to learn for stereogram enthusiasts.


Greg Perez

I’ve been photographing in stereo since the early ‘80’s and have recently taken up VR. I’m a longtime member of the Puget Sound Stereo Camera Club. My YouTube channel has slideshows and videos in standard 3D and VR. My Orbix360 gallery has tours of Tacoma WA, where 3D-Con 2022 will be held.


greg3d Perez - YouTube

Michael Brown

During the Covid year I decided to self-fund an art project interviewing lenticular artists from around the world via Zoom to document their stories. I have posted these interviews as a play list on my YouTube channel. By spring 2021, I had completed a dozen of these interviews, including conversations with a few NSA members. In the interviews you can see the artist’s works and hear them tell their stories.


Jim Swallow

Jim Swallow’s site contains classic stereo card views of his various collections including his gallery show in 2020 about Visual artists in St. Petersburg Florida. Jim is fairly new to stereography but not new to photography. Having fun with photography is what his site is all about.


Heather Lowe

I am an L.A. artist at Keystone Art Space Studios. My stereo artwork is primarily in lenticular but I still enjoy making stereo pictures and often make some from my lenticular frames. These images are from a recent solo show about Odysseus. Demodokus was the blind poet in the epic poem.

3d Art | L. A. | Heather Lowe (heatherlowelenticular.com)

The Detroit Stereographic Society

This gallery contains the awarded images from our nine club competitions for the 2020-21 season. Our topics for the year were (in order of presentation): Open #1, Cemeteries, Old, People, Open #2, Begins with B, Through the Window, Entertainment, Open #3.


Susan Pinsky

3-D Legends is a look back in time to remember some amazing people (who are no longer with us) who have enriched our lives with the marvels of stereoscopic images, equipment, experimentation, techniques, and brilliance. Over 1,100 3-D images are presented in L-R-L format. For more info about the creator of the site click on the Susan Pinsky box.


Barry Rothstein and Jim McManus

This site was created to go along with a new book, “Macrophant 3D” by Barry Rothstein and Jim McManus. It's a large coffee table book of macro nature phantograms. Images are viewable in large anaglyphs and smaller R-L-Rs, so you can freeview them in your viewing preference.


Jassimine Dixon

Show some love for stereograms by visiting my gallery. Awaken your child-like senses when you see what is revealed behind the patterns. Stereograms were one of my first passions in 3D, and over the past few years I’ve been 3D modeling depth maps, creating original patterns and combining them to contribute to this medium.

Also, In continuation of my presentation of 3D wiggle gifs on Instagram last year, I have curated a gallery of some of my work as well as other photographers who create animated stereoscopic images. No need for glasses, just enjoy the playfulness and parallax of these moving images.


Colleen Woolpert

I identify with stereographs because I'm half of a double image myself and my twin struggles with depth perception. My TwinScope stereograph projects (named for my exhibition stereoscope) aim to elevate stereographs, promote their display, and encourage vision therapy for strabismus. I make stereographs and 'scopes, produce exhibitions, and more.


Herbert Verhey(1)

Ever since I saw a 3D Aerial reconnaissance slide when I was a child, I am a 3D enthousiast and went from single camera via double camera back to single camera imaging, but now using stills also from music-videos. All images, which I call "stereoextractions," are true stereos, there is no AI involved.


Herbert Verhey(2)

The first stereo image ever I made was with one single camera. In the nineties I picked this up again, using 2D (historical) movies/videos as source. As result I was able to create 3D images sometimes almost a century "after the fact." These "stereoextractions" are a combination of unedited stills, thus true stereo pairs.


Ken Kovar/ Chicago3d

Chicago3d is a new website that encourages creating, sharing and preserving 3d imagery. Featuring stereoscopic galleries, history, a curated collection of stereoscopic content on the Internet Archive and more, Chicago3d partners with the Chicago Stereo Camera Club for 3d photography and uses Archive-It to archive stereoscopic websites.


Barry Aldous

The aldous.net website is essentially a domain for my 3D photography that includes a categorized ‘Gallery’ of images including 2D to 3D conversions.

Also included are a series of AV Shows presented by links to my YouTube Channel. My work can also be found on FLICKR, both by way of my own page and that of the Stereoscopic Society for which I act as an administrator.

I am currently active in macro photography, AV productions using an assortment of cameras ranging from DJI Osmo Pocket to Panasonic GX7 and Canon 5D.


Colin Metherill

I’m into nature in most forms; flowers, particularly orchids, whales, dolphins and anything else underwater. I do a lot of walking in the countryside, a lot of snorkeling and take 3D images of everything I do.


Jane Sabini

I have been practicing stereo-photography for five years, initially inspired by the LSC publication of Diableries. My art gallery display features parallel stereo pairs in each of my areas of interest: Floral Drama Edits, Butterflies, and Modern Diableries stagings. ENJOY!!!


Gordon Au

As an avid stereographer and experimenter, my website contains stereophotos and stereovideos of all sorts, viewable in SBS and anaglyph formats, as well as video and written tutorials on a wide variety of 3D topics, including 3D slices, catadioptic (mirror) stereos, “ghost” stereos, and more.


Jim McManus

I’ve been photographing in 3D for nearly 30 years, and I still enjoy the reaction that a good stereo image gets from the person viewing it! Please enjoy these anaglyph samples in a variety of topics.


Momoko Nishio

Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park, Tokyo is one of my most favorite places of all seasons. People enjoy the scenery and atmosphere, walking along the Shinobazu Pond. Since 2014, Iʼve been taking stereos. I think 3D image is the best way to capture day-to-day moments.


Franklin Londin

3deee.com is a website that shows my 3D photography in anaglyph format as well as showing my many interactive 3D display sculptures. Sketchfab is a web-based interactive 3D model viewer where viewers can rotate and zoom in on models. They can also go into VR mode with goggles to be present with the model in an environment where they are able to scale the model to any size. I have uploaded my Medusa model as well as some images in universal and anaglyph formats that one would see looking into Medusa's 3D viewers.




This is the site for 3Dimensionale’s activities: galleries, exhibitions, contests. Based in Austria, the site offers a varied and extensive look at the work of the members of the club.





3-D SPACE: The Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the art, science, and history of stereoscopic media and images. 3-D SPACE offers an ongoing program of public presentations and operates a stereoscopic museum in Los Angeles. Enjoy a virtual tour of our recent exhibit "Not Just a Kid's Toy: View-Master." Visit the 3-D SPACE gallery from your computer, phone, tablet, or VR headset. Explore the room, and click on targets to watch VR videos about the exhibit.


Carlton Bright

I began 3D with Polaroid SX-70 Cameras in the 1980s, but my current, and main work is composing experimental 3D video pieces. I believe the Digital Era is creating a new, stand-alone 3D Art-form. (please see samples on my new 3D website).