3D-Con's 3D Theater features an eclectic mix of presentations encompassing a diverse range of subjects and techniques.

Unless otherwise noted, all 3-D Theater presentations will be streamed on Youtube in both side-by-side for 3DTVs and red/cyan anaglyph for phones, tablets, and computers. Visit the 3-D Con Youtube channel at 3D-Con.com/youtube to subscribe and watch.

Replay recordings of these theater programs will be available through the end of the convention on Sunday night. Once the convention ends, on Monday, only select individual shows will be available, based on permission from each individual presenter, but the full theater replay shows will not be available after Sunday.

We would like to congratulate our 3-D Theater award winners for 2020:

  • Best Show By A First Time Presenter - DIY Catadioptric Stereos by Gordon Au
  • Best Historical Show - William Henry Fox Talbot, Pioneer of Photography by Philip Brown
  • Best Photographic Show - Brown Hairstreak Story by Bob Pryce
  • Paul Wing Award for Best In Show - Streetscape on NY City 2020 by Ikuo Nakamura

Block 1: 2:00PM - 3:00PM PDT Friday, August 14

3-D Con Memories
by Jim McManus
Travel back in time with all our friends from past NSA conventions

Miniatur Wunderland
by Dennis Boersma
The Netherlands
Impression of the largest model railway in the world.

Ghosts of the Pastures
by Christian Zschammer
Psychedelic experimental 3-D video.

World of a Water Wizard
by Barry Aldous
The life and times of Sir William Armstrong, an engineer and inventor of many hydraulic machines and more.

Ichiro Goes To The Moon
by Scott Ferril
Music video with live action + animation

Brown Hairstreak Story
by Bob Pryce
Life cycle of the Brown Hairstreak butterfly.

Birmingham Musical Extract - You've never Had It So Good
by Phil Brown
A song from the musical show "Wallop Mrs Cox" in 3D, By Euan Rose and Laurie Hornsby.

Chasing Big Boy
by John Hart
Stereoscopic video of the restored 4-8-8-4, the largest regular service steam engine ever built. Up close and personal with some unique views.

Parallel Universe
by David Kuntz
A selection of images from some of the best new stereo photographers currently posting their work on Instagram. (note: This show is only viewable on phones and computers with lorgnette)

Block 2: 2:00PM - 3:00PM PDT Saturday, August 15

Old Car Festival
by Rick Shomsky
Old cars, up to 1931, on display and driving around Greenfield Village, Dearborm, MI, with 1920s music.

An Imperial Journey
by Bob Pryce
Life cycle of the Emperor moth.

Streetscape on NY City 2020
by Ikuo Nakamura
3D footage captured under Covid - 19 Quarantine and BLM protest. In New York CIty ( March to July 2020)

Niagara Falls Adventure
by Jim McManus
Join me on a journey to create 3D images for a permanent exhibit at the nation’s oldest state park

Etude No. 06 (From the ESA Series)
D Carlton Bright
A four minute 3D video that is expressionistic rather than literal

Model Mania
by John Hart
POV of several of the best g-scale model railroads in Colorado.

Hit The Road Jack (and Shinola clip)
by Scott Ferril
Stop-motion music video

DIY Catadioptric Stereos
by Gordon Au
The brief theory and history of, and DIY methods for, single-shot mirror stereopairs.

Hello, My Name Is Jane (Jane the Orange Tip Butterfly)
by Bob Pryce
The life cycle of the Orange Tip butterfly, through the butterfly's eyes.

Corona's Hideaway
by Robert Bloomberg
Timely song parody, based on "Hernando's Hideaway" from the musical The Pajama Game (1954)

Block 3: 2:00PM - 3:00PM PDT Sunday, August 16

ISU 2021
A look at the 23rd International Stereoscopic Union World Congress, being held in Český Krumlov, Czechia, September 14-20, 2021

William Henry Fox Talbot, Pioneer of Photography
by Phil Brown
A short film that features two British pioneers of photography

by Greg Perez
A series of images taken with an iphone and i3DSteroid.

The Vapourer Moth Cycle
by Bob Pryce
Life cycle of the Vapourer moth, highlighting the flightless female.

A Weekend to Remember
by David Robinson
Coverage of the Stereoscopic Society 2016 convention in Canterbury

Authoritarian Idol Trailer
by Max Clarke
Maxx Klaxon (alter ego of New York Stereoscopic Association member Max Clarke) previews his upcoming stereoscopic streaming spectacular, featuring dark electropop, mind-altering 3D visuals, and surreal conversations with digitized politicians.

2020 Ohio International Stereo Exhibition
by Jay Horowitz
The 2020 Ohio International Stereo Exhibition -- the votes are in!

3-D Film Archive Sneak Preview
Bob Furmanek gives us a special peek at the 3-D Film Archive's latest classic 3-D movie restoration project.


Jim McManus Jim McManus has been a 3D photographer and NSA member for over 25 years, opening eyes to new dimensions in stereo with a variety of home-built twin camera rigs. In this year’s 3D Theater, go with him on a journey to create images for a permanent 3D exhibit at Niagara Falls State Park, and re-live memories of past NSA conventions with our friends. He’s also presenting a workshop on simplifying your 2D-to-3D conversions, with some tricks to improve typical stereo photo errors as well.

Dennis Boersma Dennis is president of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stereofotografie (NVvS, Dutch Society for Stereo Photography), editor of the 3D-Bulletin (the NVvS club magazine) and ISU Country Representative for The Netherlands. He started with stereo photography in the early nineties with a View-Master MKII camera. He joined the 3D community in 1996 with his NVvS membership and in 2017 he joined the NSA. When stereo went digital the View-Master camera was replaced by a pair of Sony DSC-W30s coupled by Co van Ekeren. Since then several other stereo cameras have been added to the collection. Photos are mainly taken during vacations all over the world. In the past decade this included attending congresses and conventions of the ISU, the NSA, the Stereoscopic Society and the DGS. Besides being an active stereo photographer he also collects vintage stereo cameras, viewers and other stereo photographic items.

David Kuntz David Kuntz started in 3D photography with a Stereo Realist camera in 1978, and has been an active member of the LA 3D Club (Stereo Club of Southern California) since 1980. Today, he shoots digital 3D with a variety of twin camera rigs. His work, which has won numerous awards in international competitions, often involves digitally manipulated and computer generated imagery. He's also an avid stereo card maker and participates in several of the Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA) print folios. In addition, David is the NSA Treasurer.

John Hart John is a stereo photographer and filmmaker from Boulder, Colorado. Starting in 1998 his initial efforts in 3D focused on adventure sports like canyoneering, rock climbing, and white water kayaking. He did foundational work in 3D-timelapse and 3D viewing (the MirScope). He has worked on sub-microsecond flash photography of ballistics, stereo-microscopy, fractal motion-art, time-lapse of the Milky Way and violent storms, and videography of restored steam locomotives in action. His images have appeared in numerous scientific journals and on the covers of Science, Microscopy Today, and Stereo World. His 3D films have won first place awards at SPIEE, the LA3D and New Media film festivals, and several NSA conventions. His current interests are POV model railroad videography and restoring his own garden railroad.

Rick Shomsky Rick Shomsky shot his first stereo photo in 2007, and joined the Detroit Stereographic Society in 2008.  The atmosphere of being in a stereo club has been very helpful, for both learning how to properly shoot stereo photos and seeing how a long-established club works.  Rick has been president of the club since 2015.  The video “Old Car Festival” in this year’s NSA 3D Theater is his second submission to a 3D-Con, and will be available in UHD for download on YouTube.

Christian Zschammer Christian A. Zschammer (aka Mysterious Dr. Stereo) is into S3D thanks to a ViewMaster viewer and some reels he was given at the age of 10. Also anaglyph comic books did their part to get him hooked instantaneously to that kind of depth perception. Currently he's doing 3D photography, 3D video and he's hosting the real 3D videoblog "Mondo Stereo 3D" on YouTube, which is full of both information and hilarity, so people say. Since 2016 his 3D videos have been show in Los Angeles and San Fransisco, USA, Angoulême, France and Moscow, Russia.

Gordon Au Gordon Au first dabbled in 3D in late elementary school, when he mail- ordered prints of random-dot autostereograms from N.E. Thing Enterprises. He tried to draw stereopair art and make ASCII autostereograms. Nowadays, he makes stereo images and videos from a variety of sources, including his own photos, TV and film, artwork, NASA data, product reviews, and more. Gordon has a fondness for experimentation, including catadioptric stereos, asymmetric framing, video panning/zooming of 3D stills, x-rays and fog as depth map sources, and more. He is a member of and has presented for the New York Stereoscopic Association.

Bob Pryce Bob Pryce was a professional, research organic chemist - retired now from a career in industry and academia as a professor of bio-organic chemistry. His professional researches in the stereochemistry and chirality (handedness) of asymmetric molecules fostered a long interest in the challenge of portraying objects in three dimensions. He joined The Stereoscopic Society of the UK at the end of 2007. Currently, his interests in stereo photography are in macro and micro photography of the natural world – chiefly insects, spiders, plants and fungi - using home-built equipment with a variety of cameras. More recently he has been using coupled cameras with telephoto lenses for tele-macro 3D photography of distant ecclesiastical sculptures (eg cathedral roof bosses).

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