(Note: Keynote Speakers' presentations will not be recorded for future viewing)

Denis Pellerin

Photo historian, from Dr. May's London Stereoscopic Company

Saturday, August 15, 10:30AM - 11:30AM PDT

Britain has been hailed as the Land of Ghosts and the nineteenth century has been called the Golden Age of Spirits. Yet, the belief in ghosts is much older than the Victorian era and not limited to the British territory. Spirits are described in the Odysseus and for all we know cave men may have had some kind of ghosts too. However, the Romantic period, combined with the invention of the magic lantern and the stereoscope, did a lot to boost the interest of the public in the spiritual world. When he published his treatise on Stereoscopy in 1856, Sir David Brewster could not imagine that one of his chapters, called Application of the Stereoscope to Purposes of Amusement, was to launch a craze for ghost stereocards, soon known by their generic title: The Ghost in the Stereoscope. Photo historian Denis Pellerin, takes us on a 3D Ghost tour, where we'll meet the spirits of Marley, Shakespeare and Milton, as well as similar ectoplasms created for the theatre by one Dr. Pepper who was not of the fizzy kind.

Suzanne Lloyd

Saturday, August 15, 5:00PM - 6:00PM PDT

During the 1920's Harold Lloyd was the most successful film star in the world. A prolific 3-D photographer, he was a founding member and the first President of the Hollywood Stereoscopic Society, as well as a long time member of the Stereo Club of Southern California and the PSA. Suzanne Lloyd is the granddaughter of Harold Lloyd and was raised by him at his magnificent estate, Greenacres, in Beverly Hills, California. She was executive producer of the documentary Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius and author of 3-D Hollywood, Harold Lloyd: Master Comedian, and Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3-D! Suzanne Lloyd considers it an honor to preserve and promote Harold Lloyd's legacy for future generations and maintains his archive of over 250,000 stereo photos. Suzanne will share her memories of her grandfather and present a selection of Harold Lloyd's 2-D home movies and 3-D stereo images, including pictures of his Greenacres estate, world travels, and Disneyland!

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