Here's a Quick Glossary to help those of you who are unfamiliar with some of the Activities listed on the Schedule:
  1. Art Gallery - Stunning displays by 3D artists from around the world who employ a variety of imaginative media and techniques. The Virtual Art Gallery will provide links to artist's websites and is open to all registered attendees.
  2. Stereo Theater - Theater-style stereoscopic presentation of digital still photos and videos produced by attendees and others. 3D Theater is open to all registered attendees. The Virtual convention will stream these via YouTube in both side-by-side and anaglyph formats.
  3. Workshops - 20 minute informative and educational sessions given by Convention attendees on a variety of 3D topics, followed by Q&A. Workshops are open to all registered attendees.
  4. Special Interest Group Meetings (SIGs) - Groups of enthusiasts getting together to discuss particular topics of interest such as 3D on Social Media, Virtual Reality, View-Master, and stereo cards. SIG meetings (aka "Birds of a Feather") are open to all registered attendees.
  5. Trade Fair - Vendors from around the world display and sell a variety of items. For Virtual Convention, vendors will post links to webpages and videos offering their wares.
  6. Room Hopping - Convention attendees may socialize and post their own items for sale or present their own artwork. Traditionally, this is set in attendees' hotel rooms. For Virtual convention, the 3D-Con Facebook page will be used, plus possibly an extra "freeform" Zoom session. Attendees are encouraged to set up their own screensharing events and post to the Facebook group.
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