FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A source of scattered information you may find helpful for 3D-Con.

How do I get into your Zoom/YouTube meeting sessions?

Simply click the link in the Calendar on Zoom web site.

How can I use my 3D TV during the convention?

Hook your TV to the computer as a monitor using HDMI/DVI cable. You can then make a side-by-side video fullscreen and choose the 3D option on your TV to handle the side-by-side images. Or, with a passive 3DTV, when viewing some of the Supplemental Material galleries, you can select the Interlaced option and your TV will see it in 3D.

Another option is to subscribe to the NSA Theater YouTube channel at:
3d-con.com/youtube. After subscribing, log in to the Youtube app on your smart TV, Roku, or Fire Stick, and find your subscriptions. Find more detailed instruction and test video here.

What is this "SPM" I keep hearing about?

Stereo Photo Maker is a free application developed by Masuji Suto. It has a wealth of 3D options inside, and is considered a "Swiss-Army Knife" for processing stereoscopic images. It runs on Windows and on a Mac (via Wine wrapper), and is available here. Be sure to view Masuji's other wonderful creations at his website.

What are you "wine"-ing about, how do I run Stereo Photo Maker on the Mac?

There are several ways, we find this easiest:
  1. Go to Masuji's site above and download the link that says "StereoPhoto Maker on Mac (for Mac OS Sierra)". (It runs on other OS not just Sierra (but not Catalina!)).
  2. Unzip, mount the DMG, drag application over to your Applications folder. Launch it to test, close it.
  3. To get latest SPM version into this Mac application:
  4. Download the latest SPM .exe for Windows from Masuji's site.
  5. Right-click on the Mac application you got earlier, and select Show Package Contents.
  6. Inside this Package, navigate to C drive, Program Files and find stphmkr.exe. Delete that and drag the latest version inside.

How can I use my VR goggles at the meeting?

The event works well on many VR Goggles. Here are specifics for Oculus Quest and Go:

  1. Download the "Youtube VR" app. This will allow you to view the 3D Theater streams in 3D. Other 3D Youtube links may appear elsewhere during the event.
    Pro tip- to easily access a youTube link in VR, log into Youtube on your phone or computer. Then log into Youtube VR on your Go. Any link you visit on either device will be saved in your "History" in Youtube. So rather than trying to type a whole URL in VR, just open it on another device, then go to History in Youtube VR.
  2. Additionally, you can download the FireFox Reality browser. This may help you in some "additional content" areas where the speaker's pictures may be available in a gallery. Navigate to a page on the Go with side-by-side content, and at the bottom of FFR there is a button to switch 3D on.
  3. You may also be able to attend the High Fidelity session, which is flat and audio only, but is a nice way to chat with many people at once. On the Quest, it worked on FireFox Reality but not on Oculus Browser.
  4. Finally, we suggest you download the BigScreen app. It allows people to share 3D from their desktop computer, create a room, and other folks to watch as a shared experience. Someone may share their screen with Stereo Theater playing from YouTube. They create a room, you can join them watch the show. There is nothing officially scheduled for this, though.
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