What would an NSA 3D-Con be without the Art Gallery? Sad and a little less colourful. So, here is our answer to the virtual challenge - Welcome to the NSA Virtual 3D-Con Art Gallery! Here you will find submissions by over 30 stereo photographers and 3d clubs for your viewing pleasure. As with our in-person gallery at previous NSA 3D-Cons, the content is diverse and eclectic, and I am sure that you will enjoy browsing all the sites and hopefully you will find something that inspires your own 3D creativity.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their websites and through them, their work. All being well, we will be able to meet in person again very soon and I look forward to being able to help 3D artists present their work to the world.

Keep well, stay safe, and don't stop making 3D imagery.

J. Claire Dean
Chair, NSA 3D Art Gallery

Dr. Guenter Pomaska

Photographs of 'tiny people', model figures scale 1:87, posing in related scenes. The message is nonsense, just fun. As a retired lecturer, located in Brunswick/Germany, I follow my interests in some areas of imaging.


The Detroit Stereographic Society

This gallery contains the awarded images from our nine club competitions for the 2019-20 season. Our topics for the year were (in order of presentation): Open #1, Architecture, Michigan, Circles/Round, Open #2, Begins with G, Hot/Cold, Patterns/Repetition, Open #3.


Greg Warmbrodt

My YouTube channel is devoted to 3D. Some of the videos are setup to be viewed SBS, free viewing or Google cardboard, others are intended for VR headsets or anaglyph. Subject matter is a mix of original 3D photography, CG 3D material, stereographs, stereo slides, and View Masters.


Susan Pinsky

3-D Legends is a look back in time to remember some amazing people (who are no longer with us) who have enriched our lives with the marvels of stereoscopic images, equipment, experimentation, techniques, and brilliance. Over 1,100 3-D images are presented in L-R-L format. For more info about the creator of the site click on the Susan Pinsky box.


Melinda Green

This gallery contains all my prize-winning stereograms. Most are cha-cha style, often with very long bases. I am very interested in 3D composition, visualization, and expression. I also produce 4-dimensional twisty puzzles and have a deep love of flying.



Stereopix is a platform to share stereoscopic photographs. The images come from a variety of artists who depict various subjects and are available in several formats so that you can use the one that is the best for your viewing method or display.

John Hart

My efforts this past year concentrated on stereoscopic imaging of both real and model railroads. This involved developing some special equipment, like a very small macro beam-splitter to mount on a model rail-car for POV 3D, and a low slung mount for a stereo camera to be placed between the rails as a big steamer (like the #4014 Big Boy) rolls right over the camera. Click REAL/MODEL RAILROADS for the latest. Much else there too.


Colin Metherell

The website is my lockdown project to celebrate World Ocean Day on 8th June. The images are of my holidays cruising and snorkeling in the Coral Triangle and Caribbean and travels to other parts. As well as the underwater stuff there are lots of images of hardy orchids in UK and Europe.



THIRD DIMENSIONS SOCIETY (TDS) was founded in 1963 with the mission of participating in, and furthering the art of, colour stereography. Every year, stereographers around the world, are invited to submit 3D images to our International Stereoscopic 3D Exhibition, recognised by the PSA. Please enjoy the galleries of winning images.


Ken Kovar

The "Holopix50k - 0.03%" website was an opportunity to do some surprisingly simple website design/coding and use the HTML5 Stereo Viewer. The Gallery presents a very small sample of the 50,000 stereo photos contained in the Holopix50k database.


Jim McManus

I enjoy opening eyes to new dimensions in 3D photography, using a variety of techniques with stereo cameras & home-built twin rigs. These images are a sampling of subjects over my 25 years of shooting in 3D and can be viewed with standard red/cyan ‘anaglyph’ glasses. Enjoy!


Barry Rothstein

I'm best known for my work producing photographic phantograms. Phantograms are a special style of 3-D imagery in which the stereo window is defined by a rectangle used to reverse the effects of perspective from both the left-eye and right-eye images.


Michael Brown

I am an independent artist specializing in lenticular printmaking. I photograph and print my own 3D lenticulars from my studio in Illinois. For over a decade I have travelled the United States exhibiting my lenticulars at various juried art festivals. Although I feel lenticulars are best viewed in person, I do have a web site to present my art in a virtual fashion.


Robert Smith

My Website is my collection of 3D Cameras, Stereoviews and Stereoviewers. The cameras range from an 5 by 8 Anthony camera from the 1870’s through modern cameras. Also shown in anaglyph. The Viewers include Taxiphote to handmade lorgnette viewers. The stereoviews are primarily Yosemite and Northern California from the 1860’s and 1870’s.


Barry Aldous

I am a retired company director and now devote most of my time to stereoscopic photography and video. My main interest is producing AV shows with a focus on documentaries, time-lapse and macro subjects. My website contains several Articles on Projects that I have undertaken and a gallery of AV shows and categorised images.


Ronald Kriesel

Scenic/nature images, 3D movies (load slowly), Stereographer for 35 years, helped found Cascade Stereoscopic Club and 3D Center of Art & Photography in Portland, Oregon, now closed. Board Member of 3D-Space.


Heather Lowe

I would like to share these 3-D lenticulars based on maquettes I built in my studio titled "Alcoves". I also have a few stereo images I have been working on from my walks in Griffith park called "Constellations."


Carlton Wright

Carlton Wright has been into stereophotography for over forty years, and thirty-five years a member of the Sydney Stereo Camera Club (SSCC). See He was an early adopter of 3D 360 degree virtual reality with the VUZE 4K 3D 360 camera. This was after lots of experimentation creating 3603D with four Fuji W3 cameras. He also now uses the INSTA360 EVO, a 180 degree 3D camera. As Editor of the SSCC he has written many articles on his experience and the linkage of traditional 3D with the 360 and 180 degrees 3D approaches. These can be found in the following dropbox link for the next two weeks.


Dominik Oczkowski

Dominik Oczkowski founded Oczko Stereo to provide professional stereoscopy focusing on architecture photography. Additionally, he designs stereoscopes for various purposes. His next big project is a Kickstarter campaign to make an affordable stereo camera reality. Dominik is based in Munich, Germany.


Kit Galloway

Dr. Tim Leary. On another visit to Electronic Cafe International in Santa Monica, California. To be teleported into another country refusing him a visa.



The page informs about club 3Dimensionale’s activities: galleries, exhibitions, contests.

Contact: or

Hal Rammel

I’ve been exploring stereo photography for the past 20 years. I do stereo pinhole photography and have also developed methods for making 3D cameraless photos, i.e. stereo photograms. Recent work explores 10" x 10" stereo images to be viewed on a modified Wheatstone stereoscope of my own construction.


Golden Gate Stereoscopic Society

Founded in 1934 The Golden Gate Stereoscopic Society is the San Francisco / Bay Area’s club for stereo photography enthusiasts. Our mission is to encourage and promote the art of stereo photography through the support of our community and outreach to the public. Monthly meetings feature an open and a special theme competition.


S. Rathinagiri

I am from India. My website is having a collection of 3D Stereo Fractals which I am generating every day for the past 10 years. As of now the website contains pictures from the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.


David Heiser

I am new to stereo photography. My site displays a variety of images. Most created with homemade 3D cameras using Raspberry Pi computers. Recently, because of COVID and Zoom, I am able to participate in 3D club activities and I'm learning much about how to shoot and edit better images.


Andy Modla

I'm a 2D/3D enthusiast photographer fascinated with stereo vision. I'm also a retired software engineer writing Android apps for 3D/VR. Sometimes I spend more time coding than shooting though! My photography subject interests are eclectic. My website displays stereo galleries in SBS format only - free-view, monitor stereoscope, my 3D app to view.

Website Galleries:


3D/VR Photography Blog:

3D/VR Apps, Tekla Inc:


Robert Bloomberg

Robert Bloomberg is an award-winning stereographer, musician, and graphic artist, currently sheltered in place in the woods of West Marin with his wife, Marilyn Freund, and three cats (some of whom are famous).


Franklin Londin

"3D is my passion. It goes to the very heart of who I am. Seeing volumes of motion, frozen in time, is what fuels my passion. It is a joy to behold."

Franklin Londin has worked on three Academy Award winning films as Effects Animator: Best Visual Effects - Titanic and Spiderman2. Best Animated Feature - Spider-Man - Into the Spider-Verse.


Colleen Woolpert

I identify with stereographs because I'm half of a double image myself and my identical twin struggles with depth perception. Those little rebels of photography, stereographs are also objects and interactive art. Simply wondrous, I work to elevate their status and promote their display. (TwinScope) Stereograph Projects—many individual artworks, exhibitions, and TwinScope Viewer. Kalamazoo: Our City—A recent exhibition featuring contemporary stereographs from original 19th-century glass plate stereo negatives, displayed with TwinScope Viewers.

More on Instagram:


Karen Kerr

Ohio hiking and photography enthusiast now exploring stereo photography, inspired by Dr. Brian May. Mostly capture parallel format using the 3DStereoID Pro app on my phone, and recently experimenting with anaglyph. I do this to relax and get outdoors.



3-D SPACE: The Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of the history of stereoscopic imaging and the advancement of current and future 3-D arts and sciences. 3-D SPACE offers an ongoing program of public presentations, classes and workshops in stereoscopic 3-D content creation, and operates a stereoscopic museum in Los Angeles.

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