The 45th National Stereoscopic Association Convention

2019 3D-Con

July 30 - August 5, 2019 • Hilton Akron Fairlawn • Akron, OH



3D or NOT 3D
Presenter: Felix Russo
This workshop looks at the elements that go into creating a great 3D image. Rules of composition for both 2D and 3D will be examined. Examples will be shown of what works best for 3D and what does not. The elements of depth presentation are examined in relation to 3D photography. Samples from art and photography are presented to illustrate the approaches to 2D and 3D photography.

The Art and Craft of Stereo Cards
Presenter: Felix Russo
This workshop will explore the art and craft of stereo cards. Modern and vintage examples will be shown. Materials, tools and techniques for creating unique stereo cards will be reviewed. If you ever thought of making your own stereo cards this workshop is for you. The workshop starts with a printed stereo pair and traces the steps in arriving at a completed work of art. After making your own stereo card you will not be able to stop and will continue to make collections of your favorite views.

Conversions Demystified
Presenter: Jim McManus
Learn and easy & effective approach to your 2D to 3D conversions, using just a few common tools in Photoshop (concepts apply to other graphic editors too). I will share many useful time-saving tips, including using an anaglyph "Live View" workflow for true real-time 3D control and instant feedback. Also, discover ways to improve your stereo 3D photos, such as replacing a sky or enhancing depth. Workshop notes:

Anaglyph Roundtable
Presenters: Jim Harp & Jim McManus
There's no one right way to make anaglyphs, which is why this workshop will feature two experienced anaglyph creators - Jim McManus and Jim Harp - demonstrating their techniques and tricks for getting the most out of this amazing (and sometimes frustrating) 3D medium. Workshop notes:

Surrounded! VR applications for stereoscopy and vice-versa
Presenter: Jim Harp
An overview of current Virtual Reality viewers, cameras and applications, focusing on how this technology is relevant to stereo photographers. What is the best way to display your 3D images and videos in a VR headset? What is the difference between the various 180 and 360 degree formats, and what tools are needed to create in those formats? Workshop notes:

3D Phones - Show and Discussion
Presenter: Tom Dory
In this workshop an objective review of different 3D phones will be presented. Examples include the HTC Evo and AT&T phones capable of taking and displaying 3D images. Several more recent phones including the King7S, Elephone P8, SuperD D1 and K3X-V5G will be included. Finally, modern phones like the Rockit 3D, Red Hydrogen One and Elephone P11 will be shown and demonstrated. The capabilities of each phone will be reviewed. Different versions of the Android operating system and software capable of running on the phones will be covered. Audience members are encouraged to bring their 3D phones for review. Workshop notes: / Comparison Chart (Excel)

Another Take on Making Modern Stereo Cards
Presenter: Tom Dory
This workshop will review in detail different methods to make modern stereo cards. Details on how to set the stereo window, print and trim the images will be discussed. The cards can have the look of antique cards with a modern twist by creating unique front and backs. The use of SPM and Photoshop software will be shown to align the images. Methods to mount the front and back backgrounds on card stock with alignment will be demonstrated. Workshop notes: / Powerpoint Portrait Layout / Powerpoint Landscape Layout

Close-up 3D Photography
Presenter: George Themelis
Traditionally, close-up 3D photography is done by getting close to the subject and using a small stereo base. An alternative is to stay away from the subject and use a larger stereo base (twin cameras) and longer focal length lenses. This workshop will discuss both approaches in terms of equipment and techniques and give guidelines for taking better close-up 3D pictures. Workshop notes:

F/8 and Be There!
Presenter: George Themelis
When a well-known photographer was asked in the 1920s about his secret to photographic success, he replied "F/8 and Be There!" In this workshop we will discuss the significance of his response and how it applies to 3D photography, 100 years later. Workshop notes:

Excessive Stereoscopic Deviation in Stereo Projection
Presenter: George Themelis
This workshop will discuss stereoscopic deviation: What is it, how is it expressed, how is it measured, what are the limits for comfortable stereo projection? Since excessive deviation is often a problem in stereo projection, we will give tips for minimizing it either during recording, during editing and during projection. Workshop notes:

Vintage Realist Show - Friday & Saturday 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM (1-1/2 hours each)
Presenter: Eric Drysdale
Max 12 attendees - sign up at Registration
For over 20 years, New-York-based writer and comedian Eric Drysdale has been collecting vintage Realist-for-mat stereo slides. Since 2012, he has been sharing his collection in a series of "stereo salons," in which small groups get to see a cross-section of the best in mid-century stereo in high-quality viewers. He's brought his "Midcentury Stereopanorama" to hundreds of people in cities all over the country. For 3D-Con 2019, he'll talk briefly about how the show came together and evolved, as well as his experiences sharing these incredible images. Then you'll get your own chance to see highlights from his world-class collection in restored red-button viewers. Each show is strictly limited to 12 attendees. You are welcome to bring your own realist-format viewer, but that will not impact the number of people allowed to attend. For more information, please visit

3D Shooting and Editing with Greenscreen
Presenter: Max Clarke
Your 3D photos and videos can gain even more dimension with skillful use of greenscreen - a technology once available only to Hollywood, but now accessible to everyone with basic photo and video editing software. This workshop will offer practical tips on getting good results when shooting and editing stereoscopic 3D stills and video with greenscreen.

Creating Images For Facebook3D and Looking Glass Using Depth Maps In SPM
Presenter: Eric Kurland
Stereo Photo Maker recently added a feature to generate depth maps from stereo pairs. This feature allows the creation of images that can be displayed on Facebook in the FB3D format, and that can be extrapolated into multiple views for display on the Looking Glass autostereoscopic display. We'll go through the steps to prepare your pictures for these formats.

An Introduction to Stereo Photo Maker
Presenter: Dave Comeau
If you're interested in 3D, and are not familiar with Stereo Photo Maker, YOU MUST ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP! SPM is *the* premier (and free) software for manipulating, adjusting, and presenting 3D photos. We'll follow a workflow from shooting stereo photos, pairing them if necessary, formatting them, adjusting the 3D, and producing a finished product to share with friends.

Twinning the Olympus OMD-EM5: a case study
Presenter: Steve Hughes
This workshop will follow the project of twinning a modern high-end digital camera from initial design to implementation. We will look at each part of the design and discuss what worked and what didn't. The practical details of camera mounting, synchronization, reliability and ease of use will all be covered. At the end of the workshop, copies of the plans and software from the project will be available.

Passive 3D Stereo Editing Inside Photoshop
Presenter: Rob Ellis
The ability to edit stereoscopic images in Photoshop, while viewing them in 3D through polarized glasses on a passive 3D monitor, may sound like science fiction, but it is genuinely possible. This workshop will reveal a unique method for adapting Photoshop to allow you to view and edit even complex, multi-layered images in Photoshop, in full-color stereo, on a passive 3D monitor, in real time. (No kidding.) Rob will detail every step, and will demonstrate the system live on a 3D monitor.

On Engaging and Retaining A New Guard
Presenter: Ilicia Benoit
Across the globe, 3D organizations are experiencing declining memberships without replenishment. This workshop will examine some specific strategies for reversing that trend and brainstorm new ideas.

Alternative Lenses In Camera Execution
Presenter: Diego Ruiz
Let's talk about manipulating light! We will be looking at a handful of non-traditional lenses and exploring the characteristics of each. These affordable lens options bend, refract, and soften light to produce scenes not as we see them, but as we feel them.

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A packed workshop at 3D-Con 2012 for "Alioscopy Trigger in Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display" by Pia Maffei and Doug Betzold. Stereo by John Dennis.

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