The 44th National Stereoscopic Association Convention

2018 3D-Con

July 17-23, 2018 • Embassy Suites Cleveland-Rockside • Independence, OH



Printing Anaglyphs That Work
Presenter: Jim Harp
Have you ever created an anaglyph that looks fabulous on your computer monitor, only to get back prints that ghost like crazy? This workshop will show you how to overcome the limitations inherent in printing anaglyphs using simple Photoshop techniques. Topics will include window strategies, selective contrast and color correction and adding 3D graphics. Workshop notes:

Macro 3D: Focus Stacking, Motion Control, and other Fun and Games
Presenter: John Hart
Optical slicing (the original name for focus stacking), real vs. synthetic stereo, motion control for macro 3D animations, stacked and stitched 3D video.

Twin camera synchronization and stereo pair alignment
Presenter: John Hart
Basics of synchronization. Goals and methods of testing. Remote ports: the problem of polling. Outliers. Effects of focal plane and rolling shutters. Alignment of pairs and uncorrectable errors.

360 Degree Stereo Photography
Presenter: Thomas K Sharpless
Omnidirectional stereoscopic photos are essential for virtual reality, and look great on a flat 3D screen, too. I will explain how I make them using a pair of small fisheye cameras and specialized software. We will view examples on VR headsets (bring yours if you have one) and if possible on a 3D TV or projector. Workshop notes:

The Art of Puppetry in 3D
Presenter: Steven Widerman
The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate a technique for recording Puppetry in 3D based on the common technique of observing a monitor while performing. A puppeteer performing before a 3D camera while watching a 3D display monitor is able to integrate the manipulation of depth into their dramatic performance, creating an advanced style. This portends a quantum leap for the art form. Workshop notes:

Making Stereo Cards
Presenter: Steve Hughes
This workshop will present two ways of making stereo cards. The first uses inexpensive materials and tools to make simple cards. The second uses more advanced tools and techniques to produce very high quality cards. Two different card formats will be shown: the classic "Holmes" format and a format suitable for use with inexpensive viewers intended for use with smart phones. Workshop notes:

To Enter or Not to Enter
Presenter: Betty Settle Drinkut
Have you heard about exhibitions, PSA, and star ratings but were not sure what it was all about? If so, this workshop hopes to answer your questions and inspire you to enter into an exhibition. Workshop notes:

Make and Appreciate Phantograms
Presenter: Barry Rothstein
Phantograms may seem old hat in the 3-D community, but to everyone else they often represent the best and most immersive 3-D imagery they've ever seen. Bring your stereo or 2-D cameras along to take a few phantogram shots, and learn to process them in Photoshop and StereoPhoto Maker.

Developing a Printed Book
Presenter: Diego Ruiz
Making and selling captivating books has a lower cost threshold than you might think. You have great images, so what now! Let's talk about the practical considerations that will help avoid project compromises and save money.

The Anatomy of a Shot
Presenter: Diego Ruiz
We will create an image one layer at a time while talking about artistic choices and technical limitations. What low-tech options are available to step up your shot?

How To Take Better 3D Pictures
Presenter: George Themelis
This workshop is aimed mostly for beginners and will explore ways to take better stereo pictures. We will discuss these topics: 1) Subject / Location, 2) Equipment 3) Techniques, 4) Composition, 5) Post Processing, 6) Judging your own work. Workshop notes:

3D Photography with a Single Camera and Sequential Exposures
Presenter: George Themelis
A single camera (which can even be a cell phone) can be used to take 3D pictures using sequential exposures. Some of my best 3D pictures have been taken using a single camera. In this workshop we will discuss: 1) Advantages & Disadvantages of single camera 3D, 2) Equipment & Apps to use, 3) Techniques for Shooting, 4) Image Processing. Workshop notes:

Presenter: George Themelis
Telestereophotography is 3D photography using long focal length (telephoto) lenses. In this workshop we will discuss: 1) What subjects require long focal length lenses, 2) Relationship between focal length and magnification, 3) Equipment, 4) Tips for using a single camera with a long lens, 5) Alignment of two cameras, 6) Relationship between the focal length and stereo base. Workshop notes:

Special Interest Groups

Sometimes called by the acronym SIG or "Birds of a Feather" meetings, these meetings are an opportunity to discuss various aspects of 3-D with other individuals with similar interest. The meetings range from informal discussions to formal meetings Please check the schedule or pocket guide for meeting times and places. All members of the convention are welcome to attend any session. Subject to change.

3D Movie Makers, CA John Hart - Interested in making 3-D movies or are you currently making 3-D movies. Come discuss with individuals who have made several Do-it-yourself (DIY) films.
3D Phones and Tablets, Andrea Shetley - We will discuss and show 3D phones (for viewing and/or photographing) and tablets, including hardware, apps, and viewers. We also will discuss how to make 3D images on your regular smartphone. Bring your phone and/or tablet (with images loaded) and/or viewer to show! This is an open discussion format to share information, tips, and images.
First-Timers, John Bueche & Barb Gauche - Is this your first 3D-Con or are you an old pro and want to mentor a newbie? If you are new to 3-D, stereo photography or NSA conventions this is a good place to come to find answers to your questions.
Lenticular DIY, Michael Brown - For lenticular makers and people interested in making their own lenticulars. This is separate from his workshop.
Medium Format Shooters, Linda Nygren - If you create medium format stereo views, or would like to talk to those who do. We'll be talking about challenges, techniques, tips, and hints. This free-for-all may involve image sharing or equipment show and tell; this is a tech & talk meeting.
View-Master, Mary Ann & Wolfgang Sell - History of View-Master Show: A special digital presentation prepared by Wolfgang and Mary Ann Sell. Meet other VM collectors and fans, enjoy the history of View-Master, get your questions answered and find out about the latest news in the View-Master world.
Vintage, Linda Nygren - Sign up in advance or just drop by, bring a stereo-slide viewer and slides or enjoy other people's old images. This annual get-together has people sharing and selling stereo slides.
VR - For viewing and taking 3D VR images. Immersive.

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A packed workshop at 3D-Con 2012 for "Alioscopy Trigger in Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display" by Pia Maffei and Doug Betzold. Stereo by John Dennis.

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