The 43rd National Stereoscopic Association Convention

2017 3D-Con & ISU Congress

August 8-14, 2017 • Hotel Irvine Jamboree Center • Irvine, CA


(See descriptions below the schedule.)

Wednesday, August 9
9:00 AM Stereo Composition Theater
10:00 AM Macro / Close-up Stereo Photography Theater
10:00 AM Stereoscopic Optical Illusions Trabuco
noon So Why are We all Here at 3D-Con? Theater
Wednesday SIGs
1:00 PM 3-D Movie Makers Theater
2:00 PM First Timers Theater
4:30 PM SSA Theater
Thursday, August 10
8:00 AM Stereo Photo Maker - Beginner Theater
8:00 AM Begininner Stereo Card Collectors Trabuco
9:00 AM Stereo Photo Maker - Intermediate Theater
9:00 AM COSIMA Trabuco
10:00 AM 3D Lenticulars - Tools & Techniques Theater
10:00 AM Coloring Stereocards Trabuco
11:00 AM 3-D & Hollywood Theater
12:30 PM View Master Theatre
Thursday SIGs
12:30 PM SIG: 3-D Phones & Tablets Trabuco
Friday, August 11
8:00 AM Stereo with Twin Samsung NX1000 cameras Theater
8:00 AM Phantogram Headshot Opportunity Trabuco
9:00 AM Using Flash in Stereo Theater
9:00 AM Making Stereocards the Easy Way Trabuco
10:00 AM Using Different Lenses in Stereo Theater
10:00 AM 2D to 3D Conversions Trabuco
11:00 AM VR Forum Theater
Friday SIGs
12:30 pm Lenticular DIY Trabuco
6:30 PM Vintage Theater
Saturday, August 12
8:00 AM New Prototype 3D Cell Phones Demo Trabuco
8:00 AM COSIMA Theater
9:00 AM Action Cam 3D Video Theater
10:00 AM 3-D Adobe Afteraffects Theater
11:00 AM Making Phantograms Theater
11:00 AM Using the ViewMaster Database Trabuco
Saturday SIGs
10:00 AM APEC/DESC Trabuco
12:00 PM VR Theater
12:00 PM Medium Format Shooters Trabuco


2D to 3D Conversions
Presenter: Ted Whitten
A discussion of why we do 2D-3D conversion, and in introduction to some of the methods employed and how you can become involved and learn more.

3D Lenticulars - Tools & Techniques
Presenter: Michael Brown
Personal computers and inkjet printers make it possible for enthusiasts to make 3D lenticular prints at home. This programs provides information on the photographic techniques, software, and equipment used to make 3D lenticular pictures.

3D in After Effects
Presenter: Pad McLaughlin
This workshop will be a intro to After Effects and how it can be used it to create 3D shows. I will be explaining how I set up projects to create movies from stills or video. I will be explaining import / export, keyframing, sub-comps, masking and workflow. I also hope to touch on a recent plug-in called Evil Twin that looks like it might be very helpful.

Action Cam 3D Video
Presenter: (Colorado) John Hart
Video sports cameras for 3D. Emphasis of GoPro, but others like YI4K will be discussed. Mounting, synchronization, optical properties, frame rates, stereo bases, etc. Processing the output files. Resync (if needed), alignment, and Editing for a short program. Fun with some "accessories" (gimbals, jib-crane, drone, paraglider....).

Coloring Stereocards
Presenter: David Richardson
David Richardson, the author of "Restoring and Tinting vingage images" will demonstrate techniques to restore and colorize your old stereo cards to look like new. Participants will also receive a link to download a free copy of Photoshop CS2.

Presenter: Gerhard P. Herbig
COSIMA ("COrrect Stereo IMages Automatically") is a fully automated correction and mounting software for stereo images and 3D videos. COSIMA was the world's first program that enabled the fully automatic correction of stereo images and videos and has been on the market since 2004.This workshop will give comprehensive insights into the work with COSIMA and demonstrates its most impressive features. During the workshop, some typical working examples will be given: some simple ones for beginners and more sophisticated ones to show the latest additions and advanced features of COSIMA. Take the opportunity and meet Gerhard P. Herbig, the author of COSIMA.

Macro / Close-up stereo photography
Presenter: George Themelis
We will discuss the challenges in taking close ups and macro 3d pictures and practical ways to do so. This includes: 1) Normal stereo camera or twin cameras, 2) Close-up stereo camera, 3) Stereo camera with attachment, 4) 3D lenses or lens attachments for single cameras, 5) Two cameras and mirror (beamsplitter), 6) Single camera and shift. Workshop notes:

Making Phantograms
Presenter: Barry Rothstein
A hands on workshop trying to get you to consider what makes up a phantogram and how to shoot and process them. Please bring your camera, whether 2D or stereo, so you can shoot some at the workshop and later work them on your own.

Making Stereocards the Easy Way
Presenter: David Kuntz
Stereo cards are a great way to share your digitally captured 3-D images with others, and, using StereoPhoto Maker, they're easier to produce than ever before. This workshop covers the entire stereo card production process from photography, through artwork creation in SPM, and all way through to printing and mounting your cards. Workshop notes:

New Prototype 3D Cell Phones Demo
Presenter: Peter Sinclair
2 new 3D cell phones will be demo'd. One is designed by Allen Lo and has a built in 3D camera as well as lenticular viewing screen. The other is made By Mopic and is a plastic cover that goes over existing cell phones to turn them into 3D viewers. This will be held Saturday at 8am in Trabuco.

Phantogram Headshot Opportunity
Presenter: Barry Rothstein
Phantogram headshots are weird and fun. During this workshop those wanting to be shot can be, on a first-come first-serve basis. Participants will get the digital files to work themselves. Technique for working the files will be the next day at the Making Phantograms workshop. Bring a thumb drive.

So Why are We all Here at 3D-Con?
Presenter: Lee Pratt
This workshop is a welcome to all attendees for our week of festivities. We will meet each other and review many of the 3D interests that have brought us together. If you are a 3D collector, photographer, presenter, exhibitor, competitor, author, inventor, manufacturer, dealer, user, preservationist, or viewer of 3D technology, be prepared to indicate all your interests. If your spouse or parents made you come, we want you too!

Stereo Composition
Presenter: George Themelis
Have you ever wondered why some photographs are more appealing than others? Using modern cameras today almost everyone can take sharp & well-exposed pictures. With a little care one can have a good depth range and produce a technically good stereo picture. But it can be a picture that lacks interest or appeal. Having a good subject matter helps, and so does having good composition. Good composition, i.e. arrangement of the different elements in a photograph in a way that is pleasing to the eye, can improve even ordinary subjects. This will be the subject of this workshop. Workshop notes:

Stereo Photo Maker - Beginner
Presenter: David Starkman
StereoPhotoMaker is the premiere FREE program for adjusting, cropping, fixing, printing and viewing digital stereo pairs (taken with Fuji W3 or Lumix 3D1 scanned stereo pairs). If you are new to this program, or want to brush up on the basics, this is the workshop for you. For advanced features attend the advanced SPM workshop, not this one.

Stereo Photo Maker - Intermediate
Presenters: Steve Berezin and David Kuntz
An overview of various features of StereoPhoto Maker, such as gray scale conversions, advanced batch cropping, clone tool and other features you probably were not aware that this amazing free program offered. Learn how to give your images that extra punch and vigor that will gain you a point in any stereo exhibition or stop your friends from turning away from your slide shows before they are finished.

Stereo with twin Samsung NX1000 cameras
Presenter: George Themelis
The Samsung NX1000 cameras work well as a twin rig for stereo photography. They are compact, synchronize well and can get as close as 68mm in the z-configuration. In this workshop we will discuss the following topics:

  • Advantages of the NX1000 for twin camera stereo
  • Mounting the cameras
  • Connecting/Firing the cameras
  • Synchronization and use of flash
  • Choice of lenses
  • Samsung NX1000 vs. Fuji and other stereo camera systems
Workshop notes:

Stereoscopic Optical Illusions
Presenter: Jay Horowitz
Optical illusions are not only fun, but can reveal much about how the eye and brain process visual information. And while stereo vision is, itself, a remarkable optical illusion, there are many illusions that are unique to stereoscopy. This workshop explores a variety of well-known and surprisingly different illusions that challenge what you think you know about seeing with two eyes.

Using Different Lenses in Stereo
Presenter: George Themelis
The lens, once the king of the photographic process, has been relegated to second class citizen with today's digital cameras. Many stereo photographers do not know, or care, what the focal length or aperture of their lenses is. In this workshop we will discuss the role of the lens in stereo photography, and stereo photography using lenses of extreme focal length (fisheye, telephoto) and also fast lenses (lenses with large maximum aperture). Workshop notes:

Using Flash in Stereo Presenter: George Themelis
Electronic flash has is a useful source of extra light under low available light situations, but it is also used to improve outdoor lighting, balance ambient light, freeze motion, darken the background, and generally control the light. In this workshop we will explain the basic principles of electronic flash photography and the special challenges in using electronic flash with 1) single camera stereo 2) the Fuji stereo camera, 3) twin digital cameras. We will also discuss different flash units and special techniques, like bounce flash, stroboscopic flash, multiple flash, etc. Workshop notes:

Special Interest Groups

Sometimes called by the acronym SIG or "Birds of a Feather" meetings, these meetings are an opportunity to discuss various aspects of 3-D with other individuals with similar interest. The meetings range from informal discussions to formal meetings Please check the schedule or pocket guide for meeting times and places. All members of the convention are welcome to attend any session. Subject to change.

Meetings are 50 minutes (unless otherwise scheduled): the last 10 minutes is for tear-down/ setup for the next one.

3D Movie Makers, CA John Hart - Interested in making 3-D movies or are you currently making 3-D movies. Come discuss with individuals who have made several Do-it-yourself (DIY) films.
3D Phones and Tablets, Andrea Shetley - We will discuss and show 3D phones (for viewing and/or photographing) and tablets, including hardware, apps, and viewers. We also will discuss how to make 3D images on your regular smartphone. Bring your phone and/or tablet (with images loaded) and/or viewer to show! This is an open discussion format to share information, tips, and images.
First-Timers, Scott Ressler - Is this your first 3D-Con or are you an old pro and want to mentor a newbie? If you are new to 3-D, stereo photography or NSA conventions this is a good place to come to find answers to your questions.
LA3D Club SIG Meeting, John Hart of California - The LA3D Club was founded in 1955 to promote the art, enjoyment and science of 3-D photography. The group meets twice a month. Check the 3-D News or for updated information. Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month (August & December meetings are usually banquets) commencing at 7:30 PM. Meetings are usually held at the Pasadena Armory for the Arts. Plus the LA3D club has partnered with the Downtown Independent Theater, 251 S. Main St. Los Angeles for monthly movie/video meetings. Visitors are always welcome.
Lenticular DIY, Michael Brown - For lenticular makers and people interested in making their own lenticulars. This is separate from his workshop.
Medium Format Shooters, Linda Nygren - If you create medium format stereo views, or would like to talk to those who do. We'll be talking about challenges, techniques, tips, and hints. This free-for-all may involve image sharing or equipment show and tell; this is a tech & talk meeting.
Phantograms, Barry Rothstein - Networking for Phantogram Makers
SSA, David Kuntz - The annual meeting of the SSA, the original American Postal Folio Exchange Group for Stereo Photography. The SSA promotes the art of stereoscopic photography by sponsoring stereoscopic image folios. SSA Members are encouraged to attend, other individuals interested in being a member or just want to know what the SSA does are welcome.
View-Master, Mary Ann & Wolfgang Sell - History of View-Master Show: A special digital presentation prepared by Wolfgang and Mary Ann Sell. Meet other VM collectors and fans, enjoy the history of View-Master, get your questions answered and find out about the latest news in the View-Master world.
Vintage, Ron Labbe - Sign up in advance or just drop by, bring a stereo-slide viewer and slides or enjoy other people's old images. This annual get-together has people sharing and selling stereo slides.
VR - For viewing and taking 3D VR images. Immersive.

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A packed workshop at 3D-Con 2012 for "Alioscopy Trigger in Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display" by Pia Maffei and Doug Betzold. Stereo by John Dennis.

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