The 43rd National Stereoscopic Association Convention

2017 3D-Con & ISU Congress

August 8-14, 2017 • Hotel Irvine Jamboree Center • Irvine, CA


The Trade fair happens on Saturday and Sunday. The NSA Trade Fair is the ultimate stereo photography marketplace for both vintage and modern 3D. You will see the entire stereo spectrum with a myriad of tables containing
  • stereo cards
  • vintage viewers and cameras
  • View Master items
  • modern film and digital cameras
  • modern 3D viewers
  • mounting supplies
  • computer solutions
  • lenticular displays
  • contemporary stereo photography
  • books
  • DVDs
  • television and display screens
  • computer software
  • display solutions
  • Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Google Cardboard devices
  • Smartphone Apps
  • 3D TVs
  • Autosteroscopic devices
  • 3dVR
  • Chomadepth
and many other goods and services.

Trade Fair Vendors

This is the list of Trade Fair exhibitors as of July 5:

  • Edwin Bathke, Bathke's Colorado Collectibles
  • Steve Berezin, Berezin Stereo Photography Products
  • Michael Brown Optical Art, Inc.
  • James Crain, Western Image
  • Ross Curtis
  • Melody Davis, University Press of New England/UNH Press
  • Jeroen de Wijs, de Wijs apparatenbouw
  • John Dennis, National Stereoscopic Association
  • Rich Dubnow, Image3D, LLC
  • Andrew Guzik
  • Joe Hill, Lucid VR
  • Dean Kamin, Kamin's Moment in Time
  • Jeffrey Kraus Antique Photographics
  • LA3D Club
  • Gary Landi, Arizona!
  • Jose Marra, 3D Crave
  • Melanie Martin, London Stereoscopic Company
  • Carl Mautz Vintage Photo
  • Michael McEachern
  • John McWilliams, Tule River Trading Company
  • Larry Moskovitz
  • Phil Nathanson
  • Russell Norton,
  • Photographic Society of America, 3D Division
  • H. Lee Pratt
  • Chuck Reincke, Stereographia
  • David Richardson, Civil War in 3D
  • Ken Rosen's Antique Stereoviews
  • Barry Rothstein,
  • Jeremy Rowe, Vintage
  • Catherine Segura, C, A. S. Photography
  • Takashi Sekitani, STEREOeYe
  • Wolfgang Sell, Mary Ann Collectibles
  • Martin Simon, 3D Illusions
  • Robert Spickard, Dragon's Treasure
  • George Themelis, 3D by Dr. T
  • John Waldsmith Antique Graphics
  • Colleen Woolpert, TwinScope

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Busy "Antiques Roadshow" appraiser, auctioneer, dealer and PBS TV "History Detective" Wes Cowan at his Trade Fair table at the 2011 NSA convention. Stereo by John Dennis.

Phantograms at the Trade Fair. Stereo by John Dennis.

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