The 42nd National Stereoscopic Association Convention


July 12-18, 2016
Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center
Tulsa, OK


3D-CON's Stereo Theatre features HD digital projection on a 16'x9' screen of an eclectic mix of presentations encompassing a diverse range of subjects and techniques.

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Thursday, July 14th
Feature Documentary INSIDE THE GREAT WAR (2014) directed by Nikolai Vialkowitsch. Stereoscopic 3-D photographs were a mass medium from 1880 to the end of WWI. A treasure of over 20,000 never released 3-D photographs from France, Germany, Britain and the USA provides the basis for this historical documentary in 3-D that brings for the first time ever historic 3-D pictures to the screen. These striking images are merged with quotes taken from diaries and letters telling of love and hate, brutal killing and deep friendship, from hunger and celebrations - universal experiences that know no borders. The stereoscopies, the diary quotes from different sides of the conflict and the moving symphonic soundtrack played by the Filmorchester Babelsberg bridge the gap between past and present and make the events of World War I personal and immediate to the viewer. INSIDE THE GREAT WAR (IM KRIEG) won the award for Best 3-D Feature Film at the 12th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival in December 2015.

Friday, July 15th
GOG (1954) producer Ivan Tors' and director Herbert L. Strock's sci-fi mystery about a series of suspicious deaths at a government underground research facility. By the time the picture was finished, the 3-D fad had faded, so it was released flat. For years, the film's 3-D version was thought lost, and the few television screenings were in black and white. Then, a badly faded left-eye print was discovered in the 1990s. Now, in 2016, the 3-D and color have been fully restored by the 3-D Film Archive.

We will be joined in person by Bob Furmanek, of the 3-D Film Archive to tell the full story of this exciting discovery and restoration. "Of all our restoration projects, GOG is the most rewarding for me personally. When I began my search for lost 3-D elements in the early 1980's, GOG was at the top of my want list. Through my archival work with Jerry Lewis, I got to know director Herbert L. Strock quite well. He was very proud of his work on this film and lamented the fact that it was lost in 3-D. After extensive research, I found the lost left side faded Pathe color 35mm release print in 2001. After suffering through flat, black and white, full-frame 16mm prints for decades, it's a real thrill to finally see GOG restored as the filmmakers intended - in vibrant color, widescreen and 3-D!"

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