The 41st National Stereoscopic Association Convention

July 21-27, 2015
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
Snowbird, UT


Image competitions, both modern and vintage, are a long-time tradition of the annual NSA conventions. They are an opportunity for all NSA members to share their work. The awards represent the judges appreciation of specific entries, but the primary objective is the sharing of our love of 3d photography with our colleagues. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

There are four categories of image competitions at the NSA 2015 Convention:

3D Card Exhibit Competition: Our long-established vintage and modern card competition shown in the exhibit room. Exhibition Form:

On-Site Image Competition: Images taken in the region during the convention and shown on Sunday in the Stereo Theatre. On-Site Image Competition Form:

NVIDIA 3D Digital Imaging Showcase: up to 6 images submitted in advance to be shown on the lobby screen and projected in the Stereo Theatre.

SSA Card Competition: The SSA sponsors a separate stereocard competition with PSA Star recognition. SSA Competition Form:

Stereo Theater Competition: Our long-established stereo theatre competition.

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