The 41st National Stereoscopic Association Convention

July 21-27, 2015
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
Snowbird, UT

The 41st 3D Con in Salt Lake City, UT

Registration is now open! Please visit the Registration, Trade Fair, and Hotel pages for more info.

Special Thursday Night Stereo Theatre Event

Bob Furmanek will present his 3-D Rarities, a collection of ultra-rare and long-lost movies, on Thursday night in celebration of 100 years of 3-D Cinema. In 1990, Bob realized that a majority of the world's 3-D film heritage was on the verge of being lost forever. In response, he founded the 3-D Film Archive, an organization dedicated to rescuing, preserving and restoring our stereoscopic heritage. Over the next two decades, Mr. Furmanek preserved over fifty 3D films. 3D Rarities is the result of this effort.

3D-Con 2015 Promo Video

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Thanks to Ron Labbe for this year's logo!

Seeking Website Volunteer!

The NSA is urgently seeking volunteer assistance with our website! We have opportunities for a webmaster as well as assistance to generate and enable content to build and grow the site. Currently included are general information, membership, StereoWorld updates and convention information. Expanded initiatives including catalogs and checklists of historic views, and a calendar of events to begin to expand and update the site are urgently needed. If you have strong web development skills and want to donate some of your time and efforts to the NSA to help, please contact the Web Development Chair Russell Norton, / (203) 281-0066. Thank you.

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