The 40th National Stereoscopic Association Convention

July 8-14, 2014
Embassy Suites Murfreesboro
Murfreesboro TN


You packet will contain the mini program when you check in, but if you'd like a preview, download it here: The mini-program details the shows in the stereo theatre, and splits apart the types of events (workshops, meetings, etc.).       Last updated: July 6, 2014

Tuesday, July 8LocationPresenter
All Day Room Hopping
9:00 AM Stereo Theatre Setup - screen Mirabella E Bill Moll
1-4 PM Registration
2-5:30 PM Sam Davis House (Smyrna, TN) - 18th Tennessee Infantry Re-enactment Photo Shoot see map Phyllis Maslin
Wednesday, July 9
All Day Room Hopping
9:00 AM Stereo Theatre Setup - projection Mirabella E Eric Kurland
10-11 AM Forum - "Should the NSA Develop Online Tutorials for Basic Digital 3D Skills" Cambridge Bill Moll
11 AM-noon Forum - "Stereo Theatre Commercial/Auteur Split - Good Idea or Absurd?" Cambridge Phyllis Maslin
1-2 PM 101 Ways to View Digital 3D Cambridge Lee Pratt
2-3 PM Improving your 3D pictures Broadlands George Themelis
3-4 PM Hyperstereos Broadlands George Themelis
4:15-5:30 PM 3D as a Business Panel - Content Creation Mirabella E Chris Schneberger, Barry Rothstein
5:45-10 PM Excursion #1 - Taste of Honky Tonk Front Lobby
6-7 PM First Timers/Welcome Mtg. Cambridge Bill Moll
Thursday, July 10
All Day Room Hopping
7:30 AM-5 PM Registration
8-9 AM NSA Regional Directors Meeting Broadlands
9-10 AM Medium Format - SIG Cambridge Boris Starosta
9-10:30 AM Advanced Photoshop Broadlands Rob Ellis
9:30 AM-1:00 PM NSA Board of Directors Meeting Churchill Boardroom
10-11 AM Slides of Newfoundland by Chuck Holzner -SIG Cambridge Boris Starosta
10 AM-5 PM Exhibitions Setup Mirabella A-D David Goings
10 AM-5 PM Art Gallery Setup Mirabella A-D Claire Dean
10:30-11 AM Title Slides Broadlands George Themelis
11-12 AM Phantograms Broadlands Barry Rothstein
1-4 PM Stereo Theatre - Selections From The 10th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival Mirabella E
4:15-5:30 PM 3D as a Business Panel - Manufacturing Mirabella E Ken Conley, Rich Dubnow, Tanya Alsip
6-8 PM SSA Dinner Oakleigh C David Kuntz
7:30-8 PM Registration
8:30-10:30 PM Stereo Theatre - Spotlight On 3-D Photography Mirabella E
Friday, July 11
morning & afternoon Room Hopping
7:30 AM-5 PM Registration
8-9 AM Magix Movie Edit Pro Cambridge Wolfgang Sell
8-9 AM 3D Movies I - SIG Broadlands Jeff Boller
9 AM-9 PM Exhibitions Mirabella A-D
9 AM-9 PM Art Gallery Mirabella A-D
9-10 AM Glassless 3D TV Cambridge Ken Conley
9-10 AM 3D Movies II - SIG Broadlands Jeff Boller
10-11 AM APEC/DSEC - SIG Cambridge
10-11 AM View Productions & View-Master Cambridge Michael Kaplan
10-11 AM Geek Like Me Broadlands Jeff Boller
11 AM-Noon View-Master - SIG Cambridge Wolfgang Sell
11 AM-Noon Macro 3D Broadlands George Themelis
1-4 PM Stereo Theatre - Spotlight on 3-D Video Mirabella E
1-5 PM Trade Fair Setup Mirabella F-J John Waldsmith
4:15-5:30 PM 3D as a Business - Publication Mirabella E Denis Pellerin & The London Stereoscopic Company
6-7 PM Art Gallery, Exhibitions & Auction Reception Cambridge/
Mirabella foyer
6-7 PM Auction Preview Cambridge
7-9:30 PM Spotlight Auction Cambridge
7:30-9:30 PM Vintage Slide - SIG Broadlands Ron Labbe
9:30-11:30 PM Stereo Theatre - Quadcopter 3-D, A Presentation by Phil "Captain 3-D" McNally; followed by The 'R'-rated Adults Only Show Mirabella E
Saturday, July 12
7 AM-4 PM Registration
7-8:30 AM Trade Fair Setup Mirabella F-J John Waldsmith
8:30 AM-4 PM Trade Fair Mirabella F-J
9 AM-5 PM Art Gallery Mirabella A-D
9 AM-5 PM Exhibitions Mirabella A-D
10-11 AM Lenticulars I Broadlands Jim Owens
11 AM-noon Lenticulars I Broadlands Jim Owens
noon Onsite Competition Entry Deadline Churchill Boardroom
1:30-4:30 PM Stereo Theatre - The 3-D Rarities Show Mirabella E
6-7 PM NSA Social Hour Oakleigh B-C
7-10 PM NSA Banquet -Speaker: Phil "Captain 3D" McNally on "Riding the 3D Wave" Oakleigh B-C
Sunday, July 13
9-noon Registration
9-10 AM Members' Meeting Cambridge Chairman Lawrence Kaufman & President Lee Pratt
10-11 AM Lenticular - SIG Cambridge
10-11 AM repeat workshop Broadlands
11 AM-noon APEC/DSEC - SIG Cambridge
11 AM-noon repeat workshop Broadlands
9AM-3 PM Art Gallery Mirabella A-D
9AM-3 PM Exhibitions Mirabella A-D
9 AM-3 PM Trade Fair Mirabella F-J
1-3 PM Stereo Theatre - Onsite Competition, Award Winners and Audience Favorites Mirabella E
3-5 PM Teardown - Exhibits, Art Gallery, Trade Fair, Theatre all
6-10 PM Excursion #2 - Brews and BBQ Mayday Brewery
Monday, July 14
8:15 AM-5:30 PM Excursion #3 - Discover Music City Front Lobby

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