The 40th National Stereoscopic Association Convention

July 8-14, 2014
Embassy Suites Murfreesboro
Murfreesboro TN


This year sees the 8th edition of the NSA Art Gallery. This exhibit is open to all stereo artists looking for a place to show their work at NSA in an essentially non-competitive setting -- the exception being the "Artist's Choice Award", bestowed on one Gallery exhibitor by their fellow exhibiting artists. We encourage new approaches to 3D art, experimental efforts, you name it, we will consider it. This exhibition has an exciting and unexpected air thanks in part to its self-sustaining and forming nature. The size and content of the exhibit is driven by the folks that submit and the space and facilities made available at the conference venue.

2014 Art Gallery Submission Form and Rules  

PARALLEL View. Change to Cross View

This phantogram construction by David Tank presenting the view from inside a garden shed helped earn his exhibit the Artists' Choice Award in the NSA Art Gallery at 3D-Con 2013. (Fuse the pair while wearing anaglyphic glasses.)

Coleen Murray pets a dog popping up from one of Barry Rothstein's phantograms in the 2011 NSA Art Gallery. Stereo by John Dennis.

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