The 40th National Stereoscopic Association Convention

July 8-14, 2014
Embassy Suites Murfreesboro
Murfreesboro TN

The 40th 3D Con

Welcome to the official website for the National Stereoscopic Association's 40th annual convention to be held July 8-14, 2014 at the Nashville SE - Murfreesboro Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center, 1200 Conference Center Blvd., Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129.

The committee is hard at work making all arrangements for the convention, so check back frequently for new information. Check here for hotel information.

Do you want to know more about the Nashville/Murfreesboro, Tennessee location? You can download a 2D or 3D video of the conference area from this website. Show it to your camera club! Welcome to 3D-Con 2014

Keynote Speaker

We would like to announce our speaker for the Awards Banquet at the 3D-Con 2014 NSA Convention in Murfreesboro in July. We are very excited to feature Phil "Captain 3D" McNally, who has given us quality 3D in some of the best animated features ever (Meet the Robinsons, Puss in Boots, How to Train Your Dragon, etc.). His talk will be "Riding the 3D Wave".

Phil "Captain 3D" McNally is the co-author of the book '3D Storytelling' and most recently served as Stereoscopic Supervisor on DreamWorks Animation's Turbo. Prior to Turbo, he worked in the same capacity on all of their 3D releases including The Croods, Madagascar 3, Puss in Boots, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek and Monsters vs Aliens.

Hailed as an expert on all things 3D, McNally was introduced to stereoscopic photography in 1990 while studying at the Royal College of Art in London and learned many stereo photography techniques through the UK's Stereoscopic Society. This hobby soon became his passion and has developed over the years through a range of creative projects, from View-Master promotional reels to gallery installations to movies.

In 2001 McNally moved to California to work as an Animator at Industrial Light & Magic after the success of his short animated film Pump-Action. His stereoscopic experience was rewarded when Disney tasked ILM with converting Chicken Little into a 3D release in 2005. This movie was the start of Digital 3D in the cinema and McNally was in the perfect position to get involved with the coming 3D wave.

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