The 38th National Stereoscopic Association Convention
July 25th-30th, 2012   •   Hilton, 3050 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Trade Fair tables are now sold out! This means a big buzzing trade fair for all.

Saturday and Sunday, July 28-29. The NSA Trade Fair is the ultimate stereo photography marketplace. You will see the entire stereo spectrum with a myriad of tables containing

  • stereo cards
  • vintage viewers and cameras
  • View Master items
  • modern film and digital cameras
  • modern 3D viewers
  • mounting supplies
  • computer solutions
  • lenticular displays
  • contemporary stereo photography
  • books
  • DVDs
  • television and display screens
  • computer software
  • display solutions
and many other goods and services.

Trade Fair Vendors

This is the list of Trade Fair exhibitors as of July 12, 2012:

  • Tanya Alsip, Cyclopital3D
  • Philip Anderson, Lost Art Collectibles
  • Steve Berezin, Berezin Stereo Photography Products
  • Ralph Bowman, The Paper Gallery
  • Jim Calverley, Fujifilm North America Corp.
  • John Carpenter, ohn Carpenter Western Americana
  • Jason Chang, Actif Polarizers (China) Co., LTD
  • Jeffrey Cooper,
  • Ross Curtis
  • Sylvia Dennis, NSA Membership
  • Charles Doherty, Charles Doherty
  • Robert Duncan
  • Bill Eloe
  • Paula Fleming, London Stereoscopic Company
  • Andrew Guzik
  • John Jerit, American Paper Optics
  • Alexander Klein, ISU
  • Jeffrey Kraus, Antique Photographics
  • Bill Lee
  • David Lee
  • John Lucero
  • Michael Maslan, Michael Maslan Vintage Posters and Photographs
  • Carl Mautz
  • Michael McEachern
  • Philip Nathanson
  • Russell Norton
  • Chuck Reincke
  • David Richardson, Civil War in 3D
  • Steve Richardson, 2i3D Stereo Imaging
  • Kenneth Rosen, Ken Rosen's Antique Stereoviews
  • Barry Rothstein
  • Felix Russo, PhotoEd Magazine
  • Wolfgang Sell
  • Peter Sinclair, Snap 3D
  • David Starkman, Reel 3-D Enterprises
  • Ariela Stern
  • Dan Teske, DT Design Studio
  • Leonard Walle
  • Bonnie Williams
  • Terry Wilson
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