The 38th National Stereoscopic Association Convention
July 25th-30th, 2012   •   Hilton, 3050 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Image Competition Winners from the 2012 3D-Con

On-site 3-D photo competition sponsored by FujiFilm
1st - Ron Fross, "Tranquility"
2nd - Alex Klein, "Taking the Sails"
3rd - John Ballou, "Evolution Traces"
- Linda Nygren, "Lorikeets"
- Oleg Vorobyoff, "Boogie Boarder"

On-site 90 Second or less 3-D video competition sponsored by FujiFilm
1st - Peter Weiler
2nd - Cassie Kaufman
3rd - 'California' John Hart
- Gene Mitofsky
- Mat Bergman

Vintage Stereoviews
1st - Jim Crain, "Historic California Towns"
2nd - Jim Crain, "Philip Brigandi, stereo photographer"
3rd - Michael McEachern, "Amateur Photographic Exchange Club - 150 Year Anniversary"

Modern Stereoviews
Tex Treadwell Award - Carl Wilson, "California Plein Air"
1st - Peter Jacobsohn, "Art Appreciation"
2nd - Carl Wilson, "Life with Gavin"
3rd - David Kuntz, "3D Neon"
HM - Dave August, "Above California"
HM - Donna Matthews, "Fundus Photographs"

Other Exhibits
1st - Oleg Vorobyoff, "Old Poster"
2nd - Barry Rothstein, "Dodgers"
3rd - Jim McManus, "Grand Staircase"

Image competitions are a long-time tradition of the annual NSA conventions. Receiving an award and recognition at NSA has been considered a highly regarded achievement that adds stature to an artist's resume. This year, due to generous contributions from leaders in the burgeoning 3D industry, the NSA2012 awards committee is able to grant significant prizes for some competitions.

There are four categories of image competitions at the NSA2012 Convention:

3D Exhibit Competition: Our long-established card and other non-projected format competition.

On-Site Image Competition: Images taken in the region, during the convention.

3D Digital Image Showcase: A new, digital image competition open to all.

Stereo Theater Competition Our long-established stereo theatre competition.

To read about each type of competition and the prizes available to entrants, just click on the name link above.

Thank You to Our Award Sponsors

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