The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
37th NSA Convention
July 12th-18th, 2011   •   Loveland, Colorado


The promotion video is on YouTube for casual (modest quality) 3D viewing:

NSA2011 Promotion Video

The downloads, described below, are better for serious large-screen presentations.

The NSA2011 Promotion Video, showing highlights of the location of the 2011 convention, and illustrating many of the activities to take place there, can be downloaded for personal perusal, or to show to your stereo club or to any other interested group. Files for this 10 minutes stereoscopic film are available are as follows:

  • A 1024 wide (16:9) .wmv over-under (left on top) modest-quality 240MB file, suitable for playing on a computer monitor or such:
  • A 1024 wide (16:9) .zip over-under (left on top) high-quality wmv-encoded 1.2GB file, suitable for projection, large 3D display, or similar:
  • A 1400 wide (16:9) .zip over-under (left on top) high-quality wmv-encoded 1.6GB file, suitable for high-rez projection or 3D HD-display using a fast HD or SSD, or a Raid0 array, on a fast computer:
To DOWNLOAD: Right click on the desired link, and select SAVE TARGET AS, and browse to your desired hard drive location.

Unless you have an over-under viewer (like View-Magic), you will need an additional software player to convert these from over-under to a more useful format (dual output, cross-eye, etc.). I recommend the free-ware StereoMoviePlayer:


or Peter Wimmer's inexpensive Stereoscopic Player:

Stereoscopic Player

In either of these, input the .wmv file (after extracting, in the case of the .zip files), as over-under (or 100% a/b), and select an output view configuration in accord with your system.

Thanks to Ron Labbe at for hosting these video files.

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