The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
37th NSA Convention
July 12th-18th, 2011   •   Loveland, Colorado


Best of Show (Paul Wing Award):
Diary of a Fridge, Josephine DeRobe

Best Still-Photo Based Show:
Fresh Perspectives, Simon Bell

Best 3D Cinematography:
Make Every Second Count, Nat Bartholomew

Best Story/Narrative:
Two Wives - A Civil War Story, Rich Dubnow and Phyllis Maslin

Best Computer-Generated-Imagery Based Show:
Friday Night Tights 3D, Joonki Park

Judges' Artistic Achievement Award:
Animated Amusements, Bob Venezia

Stereo Theater Honorable Mentions:
Waiting for the End: Linkin Park, PassmoreLab
The Reality Clock, Amanda Tasse
My Dream, Joy Park
De-Vision 3D, Ryan Suits
Caithness Glass Close Up, Barry Aldous
Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Somewhere Else, Robert Bloomberg
Coming Home, Rahela Jagric
White Knuckles 3D by OK Go, Eric Kurland

Theatre Schedule

Showtimes within each session are to be determined, and will be available in the "pocket-program" at the convention.

TUESDAY NIGHT   8 - 11 p.m.
3D Digital Image Showcase; Dark Country (uninterrupted).
Gloria (The Death of Me) Andrew Murchie   6 min.
Photo Shoot (Example of Club Activities) Ray Moxom   3 min.
PSA-ISCC (Example of Club Competition) Ray Moxom   3 min.
The Colours of the Yellowstone National Park Hermine Raab 12 min.
Shades of Green David Burder   7 min.
3D Digital Image Showcase Various Contributors 30 min.
Dark Country (regular viewing) Tom Jane 88 min.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT   7 - 10:30 p.m.
Classics of 3D: Digitized stereo media and past award-winning shows, featuring stereo photography from the mid 1850's onwards, to the start of the digital age.
Dark Country Interruptus: with Ray Zone and Tom Jane
A Better Mousetrap Ron Labbe   3 min.
A Visit With Paul Wing Ron Labbe   5 min.
BathPlug Adventures Takashi Sekitani   5 min.
El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) Robert Bloomberg 12 min.
Green Fields of France Tom Rywicks   4 min.
Lynn C. Skeels and Stereo-Travel in
New York City
Greg Dinkins &
John Waldsmith
15 min.
My 50 Years of Exhibiting Stereo Images Al Seig 20 min.
Gloria Pat Whitehouse   4 min.
Rescue Pat Whitehouse   7 min.
Pat Whitehouse, An Introduction Susan Pinsky &
David Starkman
  2 min.
Reflections on a Golden Age Carole Reeves &
David Burder
16 min.
The Lost Temples of Angkor Robert Bloomberg 26 min.
TrueVue & VM Show: Royal Gorge Bob Shotsberger   7 min.
Unseen Ellis Island Sheldon Aronowitz &
Gary Schacker
14 min.
VM Show: Butterflies Bob Shotsberger   2 min.
Dark Country Interruptus
(How key scenes were done in 3D)
Ray Zone & Tom Jane 50 min.
THURSDAY AFTERNOON   1:30 - 5 p.m.
Stereoscopic Indy-Videos and Video-Slideshows: Part 1.
Welcoming Remarks Ken Burgess and Tanya Alsip
27 Years Later Shinterra   6 min.
3.11Earthquake Disaster Stereo Photos Hiroyuki Nakamura   4 min.
3D Miniature Cities 2, Osaka Katsuhiko Inoue   5 min.
3D Aquarium Lightspeed Design   3 min.
EyesWideOpen Dubai DamienSteck & Walter Blanc   5 min.
FourPlay Andrew Murchie   4 min.
Fresh Perspectives Simon Bell   5 min.
Holy Moly Passmore Lab   5 min.
Intermezzo Chris Casady   1 min.
Karatchi Scramble Chris Casady   2 min.
My Dream Joy Park 12 min.
NARA, a journey to the ancient city in Japan Yoshinori Yao   3 min.
Nature's Secret Mysteries Tom Koester   6 min.
NSA 2012: Costa Mesa Stereo Club of Southern California 13 min.
Oh Sunny Day Ryan Suits   1 min.
Sakura, the soul flower of the Japanese and Kyoto Hiroyuki Nakamura   5 min.
Stereo Timelapse Takashi Sekitani   1 min.
Switch Passmore Lab   7 min.
Those Who Will, May Win: The Life and Times of Willam Kirkman Barry Aldous 18 min.
Timelapse Showreel Riku Naskali   4 min.
Two Wives - A Civil War Story Rich Dubnow & Phylis Maslin 25 min.
Warp3D Markus Kosonen   4 min.
Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Somewhere Else Robert Bloomberg   8 min.
THURSDAY EVENING   8 - 11 p.m.
Adventure Sports and Exotic Travel: Videos and Slideshows
A Day by the Sea: Surfers Frozen in Space. Oleg Vorobyoff   8 min.
Canyon Coolade John Hart 17 min.
Carnaval de sao Paulo Ron Labbe   5 min.
Make Every Second Count Nat Bartholomew/
Spintek Films
20 min.
Diving at El Quseir Werner Bloos   8 min.
Going South Gert-Jan Wolkers 15 min.
Hollow Hills of New Mexico Peter & Ann Bosted 10 min.
Inner Earth Passmore Lab 22 min.
Ice Cave on Visevnik Plateau Peter Gedei   7 min.
Lechuguilla Cave Peter Bosted & Daniel Chailloux 14 min.
Dunes John Hart   9 min.
Wave Riders John Hart 10 min.
FRIDAY AFTERNOON   1:30 - 5 p.m.
Stereoscopic Indy-Videos: Part 2.
Animated Amusements Bob Venezia   4 min.
Coming Home Rehala Jagric 16 min.
Dead Boring Dave Edwardz 17 min.
Dead of Nowhere Chris Young   9 min.
De-Visions Ryan Suits   6 min.
Diary of a Fridge Josephine DeRobe   6 min.
Friday Night Tights 3D Joonki Park   4 min.
Girl Who Had No Fear John Hart   2 min.
I Dream Chris Young   4 min.
Miss Daisy Cutter Laen Sanches   6 min.
Rock Candy Andrew Murchie   2 min.
Stereo Trek Oliver Dean 12 min.
Sunday Jog Passmore Lab   4 min.
Take Too Long Kwesi Davis 15 min.
The Reality Clock Amanda Tasse   7 min.
The Wayfarer's Dream John Hart &
Jerry Oldaker
25 min.
Thicker Than Water Thomas Tripodes   3 min.
Tiny Pizzas Chris Casady   2 min.
Universe in a Coffee Cup Takashi Sekitani   5 min.
UYUYUI! Santiago Caicedo   7 min.
Waiting for the End, Linkin Park Passmore Lab   7 min.
White Knuckles 3D by OK Go Eric Kurland   5 min.
FRIDAY EVENING   9 - 10:30 p.m.
TBD - Illustrated Talk by Rob Engle
FRIDAY NIGHT   10:30 - midnight
3D Figure Art-Photography and 3D Erotica (NSA conference-registered adults only)
Art Nudes Cecil Stone   4 min.
3Drotica, In the Eye of the Beholder Terry Wilson 10 min.
Behind the Scenes of a 3D Adult Production Company Mark Kernes   8 min.
Boris Shoots Betty Boris Starosta   7 min.
Discarded Beauties Steve Hughes 10 min.
Bringing the Love to Loveland Mark Kernes 15 min.
Innocent Pleasures Steve Hughes 10 min.
Khajuraho Nights Robert Bloomberg   4 min.
3D Sizzle Penthouse International   5 min.
SATURDAY AFTERNOON   1 - 5:30 p.m.
Documentaries, Art, and Travel Pieces: Videos and Exe-Slideshows.
3D Dom, Salzburg Katsuhiko Inoue   4 min.
A Narrow-Boat Excursion on the Oxford Canal Ken Burgess &
Tanya Alsip
  8 min.
A Photo-optical Record Relating to Time, Decay,
and Death. Part 2
Mark Golebiowski   6 min.
A Tribute to Eddie Sethna Colin Clay 15 min.
Arthropodicus Cameroonensus Marlin Peterson 10 min.
Island of the Gods Damir Vrancic   4 min.
Caithness Glass Close Up Barry Aldous   4 min.
Closer Ray Moxom   3 min.
Dance of Light and Shadows, pt.2 Peter Gedei   5 min.
Fireworks Hyper Jay McCreery   8 min.
Free Your Style Hermine Raab   1 min.
Grown Ups Damir Vrancic   5 min.
Images of Prague Gert-Jan Wolkers   5 min.
Loxahatchee Michael Bittner   7 min.
Marble Power Davis Robinson &
Barry Aldous
  9 min.
Microworlds Passmore Lab 10 min.
North Mexico Volcano Pierre Meindre 10 min.
Physics of Surfing Passmore Lab 26 min.
Royal Wedding 3D David Burder   5 min.
San Diego in 3D Gary Schacker 20 min.
Senefelder Gert-Jan Wolkers   5 min.
Something Fishy David Robinson   5 min.
The Magic Colours of Sealife Jaap Van Loon &
Wil Dorresteijn
  5 min.
Treasures of Old Havana Dale Walsh 15 min.
Watts Towers Then and Now Tom Koester 10 min.
wilDDDlife John Hart   6 min.
Winter in Kinderdijk Gert-Jan Wolkers   5 min.
Year of the Painted Lady Bob Pryce   3 min.
Charles Phoenix and the 3rd Dimension Charles Phoenix
SUNDAY AFTERNOON   1 - 3:30 p.m.
3D Digital Image Showcase Various Contributors 30 min.
On-Site Stereo Image Competition 15 min.
Reruns of Award Winning Shows 60 min.
SUNDAY NIGHT   7 -9 p.m.
Demonstrations of Projection Methods and Setups;
Hardware and Software for Projecting Videos;
A Potpourri of Funny and Interesting Short Videos
Doggy Cam Takashi Sekitani   5 min.
Candy Man Can Ray Moxom   3 min.
Changes We Don't Understand Ryan Suits   5 min.
A Pot Pourri of Other Shorts (10 or more) 30 min.

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