The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
36th NSA Convention
July 14th-19th, 2010   •   Sawmill Creek Resort - Huron, Ohio


The Stereo Theater will be presenting projection programs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with highlight presentations of some of the most popular shows on Sunday (as awards for best shows will be given at the NSA Banquet on Saturday night).

Title Photographer
Animated 3D Stills (3.5 mins) Jay McCreery
Approaching Pacific Storm (2 mins) Jay McCreery
Bonnaroo Talent Announcement Greg Dinkins
Introduction to Pat Whitehouse (2 mins) David Starkman & Susan Pinsky
Natural History (12 mins) Pat Whitehouse
Yosemite (20 mins) Pat Whitehouse
Hyper Paris (11.5 mins) Piere Meindre
Inner Fire (3.5 mins) Celine Tricart
Cleveland Flats Symphony (8 mins) Jay Horowitz
Brocken Mountain Train Ride (15 mins) W. Dotling
Clear Buildings (15 mins) Boris Starosta
A Collection of Our Favorites (10 mins) OSPS & DSS
Cleveland Rocks (3 mins) Debbie Motley
The Civil War - A 3D History (9 mins) Richard Loren Copley
Simon's 3D Delights: South America 2010 (3 mins) Simon Bell
Masters of War (5 mins) Tom Rywick
Reel 3D Show (10 mins) David Starkman & Susan Pinsky
Forgotten Highway (4 mins) Max Pow
50 Favorites (6 mins) Dennis Green
Sculptures of Sand (2 mins) Pascal Grainger
New Fuji Camera Intro (3 mins) David Starkman & Susan Pinsky
Queen Mary II (9.5 mins) Peter Schnehagen
Peter Gowland Tribute (2 mins) Ray Moxom
Harold Lloyd Tribute (4 mins) Ray Moxom
Fuji 3D Camera Introduction (4 mins) Ray Moxom
Stereoskoplubben Denmark (8.5 mins) Peter Randlov
Maihaugen (3.5 mins) Gert-Jan Wolkers
South Georgia (9 mins) Gert-Jan Wolkers
Antarctica Neo Gert-Jan Wolkers
Plasticity 3D (5 mins) Ryan Suits
A Ride Thru Time (15 mins) Lorne Shields
Betty Page Tribute (4.5 mins) David Starkman
Mademoiselle (2 mins) Steve Hughes
Plain Brown Wrapper (5.5 mins) Steve Hughes
Nova Erotica (10 mins) Boris Starosta
California Dreams (18 mins) Kurt Bauer & Hermine Raab
Crazy Frames (2 mins) Kurt Bauer & Hermine Raab
Keukenhof in Holland (4.5 mins) Kurt Bauer
Cape Kidnappers - HukaFalls (2 mins) Max Pow
Lisbon and the End of the World (10 mins) Gisela Will
Strange Attractors (Chaoscope) (5.5 mins) Pierre Meindre
The King and the Queen (9 mins) Antonello Sata
ISU 2011 Welcome (3.5 mins) Gert-Jan Wolkers
Europe and Its People (15 mins) Wolfgang Sell
NASA's Plum Brook Station (10 mins) Jay Horowitz
Stereoviews of Sandusky and the Islands (10 mins) John Waldsmith
Invitation to NSA 2011 in Colorado (8 mins) John Hart (CO), Ken Burgess, Tanya Alsip
A Cosmic Journey (11 mins) John Hart (CO)
MORPHEOS (14 mins) John Hart (CO)
The Homewrecker (6 mins) John Hart (CO)

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