The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
36th NSA Convention
July 14th-19th, 2010   •   Sawmill Creek Resort - Huron, Ohio

The 36th NSA CONVENTION in Huron, Ohio

Welcome to the official website for the National Stereoscopic Association's 36th annual convention held July 14-19, 2010, in Huron, Ohio.

Come immerse yourself in 3D over six action-packed days! This is the only place you will find stereo theatre, workshops, image competitions, art exhibition, excursions, room hopping, auction, and a trade fair all about 3D, all in one place. And of course, it's a great opportunity to see your old friends and make new ones.

Many thanks to Andrea Shetley for the convention logo design.

Thanks also to Aaron Warner and Ray Zone (conversion) for the many cartoons sprinkled throughout the site.

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