The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
35th NSA Convention
July 8-13, 2009   •   Mesa, Arizona


Thursday PM: Full up 3D magic

John Hart, FastLife

Thursday night: Adventure Sports & Exotic Travel Night

Peter and Ann Bosted, Extraordinary Lechuguilla Cave

Friday afternoon: Art, Architecture, Science, and Wonder

John Hart (CO) & Jerry Oldaker, A Fractal Odyssey

Friday night: The Friday Night Late Show

Susan Pinsky & David Starkman, The Betty Page Show (A Tribute to Bettie Page)

Saturday AM: Morning at the 3D Movies

Eric Kurland, Elevation

Saturday PM: 3D Humor & Stereo History

John Hart (CA), Doggone

Paul Wing Award

John Hart (CO), A Fractal Odyssey

Day Time Details
Thurs 7/9 2-5 pm Big-Screen Inaugural: Full-Up 3D Magic
Thurs 7/9 8-11 pm Adventure-Sports and Exotic Travel Night
Fri 7/10 2-5 pm Art, Architecture, Science, and Wonder
Fri 7/10 10:30-11:30 pm Friday Night Late Show (adults only)
Sat 7/11 11 am-
12:30 pm
Morning at the (3D) Movies
Sat 7/11 2-5 pm 3D Humor and some Stereo History.
Sun 7/12 1-3:30 pm Stereo Theatre Award Winners (repeats) and the Shooting Mesa competition

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