The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
35th NSA Convention
July 8-13, 2009   •   Mesa, Arizona


This year sees the third edition of the NSA Art Gallery. This exhibit is open to all stereo artists looking for a place to show their work at NSA in an essentially non-competitive setting -- the exception being the "Artist's Choice Award", bestowed on one Gallery exhibitor by their fellow exhibiting artists. We encourage new approaches to 3D art, experimental efforts, you name it, we will consider it. This exhibition has an exciting and unexpected air thanks in part to its self-sustaining and forming nature. The size and content of the exhibit is driven by the folks that submit and the space and facilities made available at the conference venue.

Location: The gallery will be located along one side of the vendors/exhibitor's hall in the Convention Center. We have been given a generous amount of space which includes some wall space against which tables can be placed and art works propped against the wall. Please note, nothing can be attached, nailed to or otherwise stuck to the walls. This is a Convention Center rule aimed at preserving their wall finishes.

Equipment/supplies you need to bring with you: There will be tables available and power outlets in the floor and walls. That is it. Please, if you need power remember to BRING YOUR OWN EXTENSION CORDS and a roll of duct tape to fix the cord to the floor to prevent creating a trip hazard. There will be NO easels available - only tables, power outlets and a finite amount of wall space.

Security: Because we are in the same hall as the vendors, we get to piggy back off their security, so your work should be safe.

Set up: Set up for the Art Gallery will be on Friday July 10th, from 7am-10am. The Gallery will open to the public at 12 noon.

Tear down: Tear down is on Sunday afternoon and I would like us out of the hall by 5pm. If you need to take your work down before then that is OK.

Badge ribbons: This year we have our own badge ribbons thanks to the artistic talents of Franklin Londin. I plan to give them out to all of you at the time you set up. Don't look for them in your registration packets; I'm making them, so they will arrive with me. They will also serve as your security pass into the main hall for set up, as the vendors will be setting up at the same time as we are, access prior to general opening will be by approved pass only.

Reception: We will have a reception on Friday evening from 5pm - 7pm. There will be a cash bar sponsored and nibbles.

Artist's award: Once again we will be bestowing the "Artist's Choice Award" on one of ourselves. Voting will take place during the Friday night reception and the award will be handed over to the winner during the Saturday evening banquet. For any of you not familiar with this event that started last year, the judges for this award are limited to only those folks who contribute art work to the Gallery. You will have the chance to cast your vote for your fellow Gallery artist whose work you like best. The one with the most votes is honoured with the wondrous glowing cube - yes, I have found another one :-)

Artists are asked to carefully read and consider the Art Gallery Criteria and Guidelines below before filling out the 3D Art Gallery Submission form and sending it to J. Claire Dean (2009 Gallery Chair). The information on your form is all we have to help us plan for this show, so please, take the time to help out by doing a little paperwork. We are looking forward to seeing new and exciting work!     -- J. Claire Dean (NSA 3D Art Gallery Chair, 2009)

Art Gallery Criteria and Guidelines

  1. All artists are welcome to submit work to the Art Gallery.
  2. Artists may submit any form of art work provided it involves 3D imagery.
  3. Artists are encouraged to attend the Convention. This is to promote dialogue between artists and to facilitate the annual "Artist's Choice" award. It insures someone is on hand to install & de-install the art work.
  4. All artists accompanying their work to the Gallery must be registered as attendees at the Convention.
  5. If an artist cannot be present at the Convention, they may be asked to contribute a nominal sum (amount to be determined by actual costs each year) to help defray the cost of staging the Gallery.
  6. If an artist cannot be present they must assign a "guardian" to take responsibility for their art work. The guardian will act as a stand-in for the artist and will be responsible for all aspects of the set up and take down of the work.
  7. Artists (including those not able to attend the Convention) must submit a Gallery registration form to the Gallery Chair no later than 1 month prior to the Convention.
  8. Tables will be provided and efforts will be made to supply easels, however availability of these items varies year to year with the venue. Artists should be prepared to provide all of the hardware and furniture needed to install and display their work. The convention is responsible only for tables and easels if any are available.
  9. Artists will be assigned a specific location and amount of space within the room(s). It will help insure that everyone gets a fair quota of the space available. Every effort will be made to assign available space fairly amongst all artists submitting work. Priority for space will be given as follows:
    1. To artists who have registered for the NSA Convention and submitted their Gallery registration form by the deadline, this includes artists not able to attend provided they have assigned a guardian to their work and have paid any nominal fee.
    2. To late registrants and spontaneous late-comers.
    3. Any remaining/additional space will be allocated to artists at the discretion of the Chair.
  10. Artists must set up their work by a specific time on set-up day. Space not used by that time will be allocated to other artists needing additional space to show their work.
  11. Artists may be asked to "edit" their work (i.e. reduce the number of pieces) if space is limited. The Gallery Chair has the authority to reallocate space amongst the artists at any time if circumstances dictate.
  12. There will be an annual "Artist's Choice" award. The recipient will be chosen based on the votes of all participating fellow artists who will be asked to choose their top 3 collections out of those presented in the Gallery. The vote will be anonymous and only artists present at the NSA Convention will qualify to vote. The votes will be tallied by the Gallery Chair or, in the event that the Chair is also exhibiting, by a non-exhibiting Convention attendee selected by the Chair. Artists may vote for themselves. The winner will be presented with the award at the annual banquet.
  13. Artists will be allowed to sell their work; however the Art Gallery is not an extension of the Trade Fair. Business cards and a discrete notice providing contact information, pricing, etc. will be acceptable. The notice should be kept to a sign no larger than a typical gallery announcement card (approximately 5"x6") -- or, in the immortal words of Phil McNally, "Their ad should not be bigger than their art work".
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