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Registration is now OPEN!


You can advance register for the convention in two ways:

1. Download a registration form, fill it out, and mail it in by June 23rd.  Any mailed forms not received by July 3rd will not be seen, and you will have to re-register at the convention!  If you choose the mail option, you still have a choice of making payment either by check/money order or electronically through Paypal.  Details are on the form.

Download Registration Form (click link of preferred format): Word   Adobe PDF


2. If you would prefer to register online, Terry Wilson has created a program that does all the work for you.  Just sign on, click your choices, and indicate how payment will be made. If you decide to pay with Paypal, you will be taken to that site.  Either way, you will get an email notification back with all the options you chose.  If you plan to have a table at the Trade Fair, you can sign up for that at the same time.

Register online by clicking here.

Forms were also included with the January/February issue of Stereo World.


For any questions about registration, contact Registration Chair Barbara Gauche (see contacts page).


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