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On-Site Competition

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Each person registered for the NSA Convention may enter up to 4 stereo images in the 2008 NSA Convention 3-D Image Competition.  Images may be slide film mounted in 41x101mm stereo RBT mounts or 2XGA digital stereo images in JPG files.  There will be a room set aside in the hotel with materials, tools, and volunteers to assist with mounting and digital file formatting.  Please monitor the website for details on whether E-6 processing will be available during the convention.      


  1. Images must not have been taken before July 4, 2008.
  2. Images must be acquired from locations within the area of Grand Rapids (including the West Coast of Michigan, from Muskegon to South Haven).
  3. All images must be the original and sole work of the entrant.
  4. Each individual may enter no more than four (4) total film and/or digital images.
  5. All entries must be submitted to the mounting room by 9:00 AM Sunday, July 13, 2008.
  6. Images must be accompanied by a completed official entry form.

Slide Specifications:

bulletRBT plastic mounts (41x101mm) with any size apertures or cropping.
bulletSlides must be labeled with the maker’s name and slide title.
bulletSlides must have a “thumb spot” marked in the front lower left corner of the mount.

Digital File Specifications:

Digital stereo image files should be 2048 x 768 arranged for parallel viewing.


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