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3-D Exhibit Competition Rules

[Entry forms for the exhibitions are on the forms page]   

  1. Only members of the NSA are eligible to submit entries.  Only stereoview cards and non-projected formats are eligible.
  2. There are 3 Divisions:  Vintage Stereoview format (more than 50 years old); Modern Stereoview format (views photographed by the entrant); and Other Formats, for all other non-projected stereo formats and techniques.  No more than 2 entries per Division are allowed.

A.)              Vintage Stereoview Cards

The entry must have a theme or present a story.  Originals must be provided for judging, but you may provide high quality reproductions to be used for public display.  Entries are judged according to rarity, presentation, and topic.

B.)              Modern Stereoview Cards

The entry must have a theme or topic.  Both photographic and computer-generated images will be accepted.  Entries are judged by the PSA criteria for sequences.

C.)              Other Stereo Format (non-projected)

Entries are judged according to creativity, technique, presentation, and impact.

  1. For the Stereoview card formats, no more than 12, nor fewer than 8, stereoviews shall constitute an entry.  Views are expected to be in the traditional 3-1/2” x 7” format; the height can be taller, but must fit into a 5” x 7” sleeve.  For Modern Stereoviews, cards in the 4” x 6” DSEC format are also acceptable.  Each entry should be titled (one of the 5” x 7” cards may be used).  A 5” x 7” typewritten explanation card may be substituted for one of the views to provide additional information about the set.
  2. Stereoview entries will be exhibited behind clear plastic in 5” x 7” sleeves, so the entrant should supply a 5” x 7” backing sheet for each of their cards – the design and color is entrant’s choice.  Any information germane to the view may be typed across the top of the backing card.  For Modern Stereoviews and Other Stereo Format, the name of the maker should not be included on the backing cards, images or presentations.  Photographers will be identified after judging.
  3. The NSA will provide the method of display for the Stereoview cards and the display sleeves.  The method of display for entries in the Other Stereo Format Division will be the responsibility of the entrant, appropriate to the technology submitted.
  4. An Entry Form for each entry must be received by June 22, 2008.
  5. Those bringing their entries to the Convention must bring them to the Registration Desk during open hours, but before 10:00 AM on Thursday July 10, 2008.  Entrants not delivering their entries in person must ship them as indicated on the entry form, along with payment for return shipping.  They must be well-packed and arrive by June 27, 2008.
  6. Ribbons will be awarded within each division for First, Second and Third place.  The Tex Treadwell Award will be given to the Judge’s Choice as “Best of Show.”


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