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All excursions are open to everyone.  You do not need to be a registered Convention attendee to participate.



EXCURSION #1:  Sunday Evening Social – Cruise on the Port City Princess (6:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

A short 45 minute ride by motor coach northwest from Grand Rapids lies Lake Muskegon, and, hugging its southern shore, the historic city of Muskegon.  The motor vessel Port City Princess is proud to bring you the most unique and exciting entertainment on the Great Lakes!  Spend a relaxing evening on Lake Muskegon and beautiful nearby Lake Michigan.  Cruises are narrated by the Captain.  Buster Keaton's home, logging era mill sites, a historic ship display of the original Milwaukee Clipper and an LST landing craft, one of two surviving ships that went onto Normandy Beach during World War II, and the Silversides, a World War II submarine, are just a few of the points of interest during a Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan Cruise.  On Sunday evening, July 13th, the Port City Princess has been reserved to take us on a sunset cruise for two hours of fun.  Live music will be playing and a cash snack and beverage bar will be available.


EXCURSION #2:  Monday Full Day Tour – Lake Michigan Tour (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM)


The day begins with an hour long motor coach ride to the beautiful town of Saugatuck, located southwest of Grand Rapids on Lake Michigan.  After arriving in Saugatuck, guests will either be dropped off for an exciting optional 35 minute dune ride through one of West Michigan’s natural attractions, the world’s longest freshwater sand dunes, or will be taken to the downtown area to tour on their own the many attractions of the town.  Those opting for the dune ride will also be able to explore the state’s foremost artist colonies, galleries and shops located in and around Saugatuck.  Saugatuck also boasts of many sites, such as Peterson’s Mill, as favorite subjects for photographers.   The bus will transport those wishing to tour the S.S. Keewatin, the last of the Classic Great Lakes Passenger Steamships still afloat, to the museum ship for a one hour tour.  Lunch at the Coral Gables restaurant complex is included.  After re-boarding the motor coach, it will head north, through the quaint Dutch city of Holland, to the lovely city of Grand Haven.  There we will have several hours to take a leisurely stroll from the Grand Haven Beach, pier and lighthouse along the 2-mile long boardwalk, past the remarkable Musical Fountain, and into the downtown area.  We will depart Grand Haven for an hour long bus ride back to Grand Rapids.  This excursion is truly a photographer’s dream come true.




EXCURSION #3:  Monday 1/2 Day Tour – Heritage Hill and Meijer Gardens (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM)


For those who prefer a shorter excursion, a visit to Heritage Hill and the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park will be just right.  After leaving the Grand Plaza Hotel by motor coach you will tour Heritage Hill.  This is a vital historic neighborhood of 1300 properties, a heart beat from downtown Grand Rapids.  The houses here date from 1848 and represent over 60 architectural styles.  These were the homes of lumber barons, teachers, judges and legislators who shaped Grand Rapid’s future.  After your Heritage Hill guided tour, the motor coach will drop you at Meijer Gardens where you will have 3 hours to explore this 125-acre attraction which features the most comprehensive outdoor sculpture collection in the Midwest, indoor and outdoor gardens, the largest tropical conservatory in the State, nature trails, a guided tram and the new Children’s Garden.  The highlight of the park is Leonardo DaVinci’s “The American Horse,” a huge 24-foot tall statue, one of only two in the world.  This tour is a photographer’s delight!!